Saturday, July 7, 2007


What a week. I spent most of the week on a cruise, where my cousin got married. I had a great time chilling and catching up with my family. Of course I ate too much. I won 50 dollars on the blackjack table. Got a tan. Well as much as a light skin man could get.
So I flew home today (Friday) to do a concert in Philly. It was an out door concert at Penns Landing. Free to the public. And most importantly, thank God it didn’t rain. The concert was great. The crowd was beautiful and energetic. We sold a ton of cds and had 5 full pages done on my email list. Can’t complain about that at all. My parents sold my cds, and Shawn was my assistant for the day. She was a cute one at that.. Anyway what really stood out to me, and what usually stands out to me at these concerts are the kids. I cant tell you how many parents are fans of my music, which in turn makes their children fans. And because our shows are usually at night at clubs they rarely can attend. So a show like today is always special. I love kids in general. Especially fat babies. (big grin) so to see hundreds of kids dancing and having a good time is always a big lift. I took a lot of pictures with them today and each one was special in their own right. Some that stick out to me were my dear 5 year old friend Jaden from Delaware. Possibly my biggest fan, and one of my favorite people in the world. As soon as I saw him he said, “I love the baby song.” First words out of his mouth. Hahahahaha.. and how about Dena’s (from the ERF fam) little sister, who was 6. She said that I was beautiful. What 6 year old says that? Every other person in that cd line was introducing me to their child, who loves my music. I can’t tell you how much that means.
As if things weren’t great already. I stop by the mailbox on the way home, (I haven’t been home since Monday) and inside it is an original copy of Madhouse 8. I forgot that I ordered it off of Ebay sometime before I left. This was a jazz album that came out on Paisley Park around 85. Though they shot a video or two, the album produced no music credits, so it has always been greatly rumored that Prince played all the instruments. I had this album memorized note for note when I was younger. Anyway I could not find this album for the life of me, and finally bit the bullet and paid the price on Ebay for it. So it was here waiting for me, and now at 3AM I am up listening to it for the second time as I type this.
Okay so these pictures are not from today’s concert. Just random pics of kids.
1. Jaden (not to be confused with my nephew by the same name) at my Delaware concert.
2. One of the fattest babies I’ve ever seen. I stopped the line to go get her, and later found out she was my cousin. Adorable.
3. Kids at my Philly CD signing at Latte Lounge.
4. Brother Stark’s daughter repping the vault shirt
5. Shawn’s nephew Cedric, and neice Christina (My Stinka Pinka) at my Plainfield concert.

I was going to add more, but I could only add 5 pics..