Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This video is amazing and greatly needed. Shout out to Bilal, his manager Hawk, the director Matthew Cherry, and my boys Dorian and Sinorice who are in the video.

Find out more info at

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I sit here in pain. Selfishly i wish for one more chat on your couch. One more chance to kiss the top of your head, hear your voice, and see your smile. To ride in the back of your pickup truck with the wind blowing on my face. One more chance to see you give Grandma a kiss. Watch you hold my son I named after you. Tirelessly plant your harvest only to give it away. To have one more chance to take in some of that wisdom you have shared with so many through the years. A chance to spend time with you in prayer. One more chance to hold your hand.
But i find comfort in the wisdom you shared with me years ago. You said that life on earth is very much like the wings on a bird…That we must go through highs and we must go through lows in order to complete our journey. I know not everyday was perfect for you, but still you pushed on to lift God's name and inspire everyone around you. Including me. So yes today my wings feel weighed down with sadness, but I find peace in knowing your wings have lifted you to a place of Glory. Where you will now forever glide with God's love as the wind under your wings.
I love you Grandpop.