Monday, February 11, 2008


if i controled
this as a whole
i would dead all the titles and
mix in soul
with rock and roll
and house and all
knock down the walls
the hip hop laws
turn off auto tune
and show all flaws
open doors
to indie cats
with heart felt raps
and soulful tracks
reward the ones
who give us tons
rather than just one song
for our funds
if i controled it
i would demand
each a&r
be a music fan
be about respect
before ur check
if u spoon feed teens
feed them intellect
offer a message
offer a lesson
an escape, a blessing
offer a weapon
that would fire a bullet
in the form of words
that would kill the non sense
that we just heard
i would bring back the legends
develope the young
show them the beautiful way
our stories were sung
i would judge only
your heart and your tongue
cuz looks cant help
the soul of a song
if i controlled this
no art would be lost
over budgets and business
or projected charts
it would be how i felt
when i pressed play
and opened my ears
to what u had to say
forget about looks
all i would ask
is when u open ur mouth
give what u have
i believe in balance
i believe in music
i believe if you have it
you have to use it
so if i controlled it
first id let it go
sit back and watch
and see where it goes
open my heart
and enjoy what it shows
cuz only God can control
the direction of soul...