Thursday, April 17, 2008

Need Your Input......


  1. i would have to say...a shorter version of 'DO I DO'...that's one of my favorite up-tempo stevie joints...

  2. Part-Time Lover (I think that is a perfect song you and the band can really rock)

    Isn't She Lovely

    All I Do

    Living For The City...

    bonus (Do Stevie's version of the Sesame Street song... I love that... and have Rasheed do Stevie's drum solo... killer)

  3. Wow, E! This is not an easy task! I'll give you several.....Superwoman, Summer Soft, As, and going deep in the crate, I'll say...I Don't Know Why. Do that last one and you'll shut it DOWN!

  4. If You Really Love Me

    Livin' for the city - thats the jam!

    Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours

    All I Do

    That Girl - great audience involver!

  5. Three of my favorite Stevie songs that I think you would rip are...


    My Cherie Amour

    Knocks Me off My Feet

  6. I think two that most people love but probably wouldnt think to do in a concert would be "With each beat of my heart" or "You will know." You have a uniqe style and I would love to hear YOUR TAKE on those songs...

    Good luck, and have fun deciding!!!

    (I'm prayin 4 ya b/c I know it must be a task!!! lol.)

    God Bless!!!

  7. sir duke or overjoyed

  8. "If It's Magic" (accompanied only with the acoustic guitar)

    "Taboo to Love"

    "Send One Your Love"

    "With Each Beat of My Heart"

  9. Good ideas are coming your way already I see. My faves:

    Rocket Love


    Superwoman/Where Were You When I Needed You Last Winter?


    I Don't Know Why I Love You (it would in fact KILL and bring the house down!)

  10. Hi Eric! I just want to say Thank You for such great music! I was listening to the music channel while I was cleaning the house yesterday and your song Only for you came on! And I ran to the tv to see who the artist was! Then I had to Google you! and from the few songs I have heard you have gained a new fan!

  11. Salaamu Alaikum,

    I'd love to hear you and the band perform any of the following:

    I Was Made to Love Her
    If You Really Love Me
    Golden Lady
    Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing
    All I Do
    That Girl

    I know that's a lot, but there are just so many Stevie Wonder songs that I love. Thanks for the opportunity to provide input and continued success.


  12. Goodness Gracious ERRO is hitting us up on Myspace, Blogspot, and the Forum...and I still don't have 5 songs - my mind just doesn't work like that. I'm trying to find songs to be played at my wedding I don't have time for this! :)

    but here are 3 for you so far

    My Cherie Amour
    That Girl - but if you do it, do it ERRO style and tell a little story with it.

  13. I would like to hear you sing..."Ribbon in the Sky"...many cannot pull it off but Eric can. Also "That Girl"

  14. These Three Words from the Jungle Fever Soundtrack......An absolute classic that is too often forgotten! I'll be hittin' D-Mo soon about something brewing here in Sacramento, CA this summer. Take Care, Jahmal

  15. overjoyed, always, and knocks me off my feet! hands down.

  16. Hey Eric,
    I think you'd kill a few of Stevie covers because you have a very unique way of telling the story!
    Ok, I gave more than 5! lol!

    1. Rocket Love
    2. If Its Magic
    3. As
    4. Knocks Me Off My Feet
    5. Superwoman
    6. Send One You Love
    7. Until You Come Back to Me
    8. Isn't She Lovely
    9. I Wish
    10. Do I Do

  17. WHAT! No brainer... ROCKET LOVE! You could even do add a little house flavor to it. ;o)


  18. Eric,
    If I had to name just one it would be "I Don't Know Why". I think you would rip that song and make Stevie very proud. Dang! Just the thought of it makes me wish I could fly to London LOL

  19. What Up Eric!! I would love to be be in London when you do this but gigging myself so. My suggestions are:

    Rocket Love(you would murder this!)
    All In Love Is Fair
    All I Do
    These Three Words(This would be Fire)

    I know I put more than 4 but that's to give you some more choices :-)
    Peace & Blessings
    H-U in the building!

  20. Top 2:

    1) Do I Do

    2) You are the Sunshine of My Life

    A really fun one would be:

    Part Time Lover

  21. i think AS or OVERJOYED are great songs...not just for stevie wonder fans but i think that your voice would just make it rock!!!!

  22. Overjoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the best stevie songs ever! or That girl, or how bout both! man! you have fun out there, and let stevie know how much we love him!!

  23. I would have to suggest:
    My Cheri Amor
    For Your Love
    With Each Beat of My Heart
    Pastime Paradise
    Hope those helped. Love you Erro!

  24. As
    My Cherie Amour
    Knocks Me Off My Feet
    All I Do

    I hope you record this performance so us folks who aren't attending get to see!

  25. ok... this is a good one.
    I would have to say either "Overjoyed" or "That Girl" or both. those are both wonderful wonderful songs!
    Hope you have fun out there, and let stevie know how much we love him! Can't wait to see you in PHX again!!!!!!!!!

  26. Hi Eric,

    I actually just listened to some songs by Stevie Wonder. The first two that came to MY mind were:
    I WISH and SUPERSTITION (for upbeat)
    and to slow it down... gotta sing ISN'T SHE LOVELY and YOU and I-- just a thought....


  27. Hey there, Mr. Roberson.

    First I will say this -- we need you to do a show in Chicago! :) Please!

    On to the business at hand...


    Hey Love

    You Will Know

    Don't You Worry Bout A Thang

    4 of my personal Stevie favorites.


    Good luck, and have a wonderful time paying tribute to Stevie!

    (can't wait to see you here in the Chi again...)

  28. Peace & Blessings Brother Erro,

    Asides from ripping the stage with Golden Lady, and you will, I suggest you sing "Ribbon In The Sky", "You and I", and then for an up-tempo joint do "Superstition!" I must say this," Ribbon In The Sky" is tailor made for you to sing!
    Grace & Peace,

  29. Erro,

    Here are some songs for you to sing.
    1. Uptight
    2. You and I
    3. Rocket Love
    4. I love every little thing about u

  30. PASTIME PARADISE. Your band would beat the BREAKS off that joint. So tight. And of course you can sing anything so that should be fine :)

  31. Livin' for the city hands down... please oh please...

  32. Since you are one of my favorite singers, I think you should sing my favorite Stevie songs. They include: Overjoyed, Knocks Me Off My Feet, Another Star, and I think you could sing the heck out of HIgher Ground. Hope that is some help to you. Wish I could see you in London, unfortunately, I don't have London $$ :o)

  33. We love you ERIC!!

    My Cherie Amour

    Signed, Sealed, Delivered I`m Yours

    Sir Duke

    Higher Ground



  34. 1. Golden Lady (Best SW song ever)
    2. Superwoman (Where Were You...)
    3. Visions
    4. Livin' For the City
    5. Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing

    (Sorry...It's just that I think Innervisions is the best R&B/Soul album ever made)

  35. Stay Gold form the movie The Outsiders

  36. 1. Ribbon In the Sky
    2. Jammin'
    3. As (My fav of all time)
    4. Do I Do

  37. 1.Love Light in Flight

    2. Visions

    3. Rocket Love

    4. I Love Everything About You

    5. I Believe When I Fall In Love With You It Will Be Forever

  38. As




  39. Oh I got a few more:

    Joy Inside My Tears

    With Each Beat Of My Heart

    Superwoman(Wher Were You When I Needed You)

    Hey Love

    Another Star

    Never In Your Sun

  40. What a blessing for you to sing for Mr. Wonder!

    I think you and DMo should sing Part Time Lover. It has great energy, and I haven't heard it covered. I'm sure y'all could have lots of fun with it and it would surely be a crowd pleaser. Let us know what you decide.

  41. As a Chicago DJ, some of my favorites are As, Visions, Superwoman, Knocks Me Off My Feet, and of course the Chi-town deep house hit, All I Do. Maybe you can even sing "Creep" to let everyone know that is originally a Stevie song.

  42. eric, think about singing love's in need of love today or anything from the 1976 classic songs in the key of life. this album speaks of love. check out the liner notes for stevie's reference to love mentalism and the love+love-hate=love equation. i think folks need a dose of love. all the best. enjoy london. travel safely. peace, ananda

  43. Due to your house excursions, I'm sure you would MURDER "Another Star" hell, you might just want to remake that and put it on one of your albums. Other than that, I think you could do anything from "Music in the Key of Life" and it would be fitting.

    Dee El Sends

  44. Erro I would looooooove to hear you sing All I Do. I know that the band would kill this one. Ooooh and there is another one that I heard a couple of weeks ago, but I can't think of the name of it. Man, I hate when I do that. It caught my attention cause it was so different from what you would think Stevie would do. Oh well. I definitely want to hear you do All I Do. Although I love when you do your ballads, you are one of the few artists that can perform an up-tempo song and sound great. I'm gonna try and find that other song though. I can't wait to see the video, cause I know I won't be there. Have if. Oh yeah! I'm ready for another CD lol! Make sure Head to Toe is on it too. Hurry back to the DMV!! Keep that music comin Poppy.....V

  45. I believe you would do any Stevie song worthy, but I absolutely love "These Three Words" and "As".

    Those two songs are to me exactly how you want to feel in a 'love' relationship and also how the public feels about Stevie. If I ever met him, it would be easy (for) and honest (of) me say "I Love You" (hence the three words he speaks of in the song)... and I will always have that special place for him...

    I thank you for asking the input of those who know your artistry, who appreciate your grind, and will be forever loyal... as you are with your music.

    Continue blessings on your many journeys.


  46. 1. As, that is my jam!
    2. My Cherie Amore... nuff said
    3. Overjoyed... maybe that should be number one...
    Okay, i see why this is hard for you. LOL! Those are my three top choices.

  47. 1. Rocket Love

    2. All I Do

    3. That Girl

    4. Sir Duke

  48. 1. Rocket Love

    2. Do I do

    3. Higher Ground

    4. I Was To Made To Love Her

    5. All I Do

  49. Hey Eric!!!
    First song that came to mind is All I Do!! You would sound amazing doing that song! I can almost hear you singing it! :)
    That and As...which is another one of my most fave Stevie songs...Overjoyed would be nice too!
    I wish I could be there to see it! Hopefully you'll film what you perform and share it with everyone. :)

  50. Most DEFINITELY "Rocket Love"...

    "Livin for the City"


    "All I Do" (ultimate crowd pleaser)

    And just to take it back, "Hey Love"


  51. Definitely Do I Do but I'm also for Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer, although that might bring down the party mood. So if nothing else you MUST take me with you! Oh I mean you MUST do As.

  52. If it's Magic

    Hey Love

    All I Do

    Livin For The City

  53. Takin notes? :) This is the perect line up...

    1. Visions!!
    2. Master Blaster Jammin
    3. Send One Your Love (FORGET Golden Lady, this is much much much better for you)
    4. I was made to love her ( i think thats the name of it.PERFECT up tempo "damn i love that song!" classic )
    5. my cherie amor. that song just suits you. you should freestyle your own lyrics somewhere in there for this one, crowd'll go nuts.

    K, thats all I got

    Peace & Blessings,


  54. Love's In Need

    All I Do

    Joy Inside My Tears


  55. Summer Soft. You start soft, and slowly build up to the loud finale.

  56. Eric this sounds like a wonderful opportunity for you. Thanks for including your fans. I think you should sing:

    1) My Cherie Amour
    2) Overjoyed
    3) As
    4) Do I Do

  57. I think you should do Visions...although it's not a staple Stevie Wonder hit, it's sooo smooth!

  58. YOU HAVE TO SING "ALL I DO"!! There is no way that you can do Stevie without it!!

    I did notice that I am not the only one that listed that song which says a lot about you and your talents.

  59. I would like to suggest
    I Was Made To Love Her
    Another Star
    Summer Soft
    All I Do

    But truth be told, any Stevie song will do.

  60. E...I think u should do Stevie's "I was made to love her" and "My Cherie Amour"!!!

  61. ROCKET LOVE!!!!
    i am telling you, rocket love is the song of truth!

  62. Hey E! Here are my suggestions:

    1. Ribbon in the Sky
    2. My Cherie Amore
    3. Boogie on Reggae Woman
    4. These Three Words
    5. Isn't She Lovely

    Good Luck!

  63. My top 4 would be:

    1. Ribbon in the Sky

    2. My Cherie Amour

    3. Overjoyed

    4. Send One Your Love

  64. You should definitely do Rocket Love.

  65. Rocket Love and That Girl.

  66. My 4 choices are:

    1. Lately
    2. I Was Made to Love Her
    3. Superstitions
    4. Overjoyed

    U will light up any SW joint you select but those are my pics. Be blessed and safe travels.

  67. PLEASE try "Jesus Children of America"...I think you could rock it.

  68. "Don't u worry 'bout a thing"

    my all time favorite stevie joint!

  69. Superstition... Love that joint one of my favs!

    Of course, My Cherie Amour

  70. -You and I (my wedding song)
    -Jesus Children of America (for something off the beaten path)
    -Knocks Me Off My Feet

  71. 1.Uptight

    2.For Your Love

    3.Sir Duke

    4.isn't HE lovely
    (i wanna hear your freestyle...for Mr.Stevie Wonder!!!!)

    Spoiled Brat 34

  72. Here are my choices.....

    1. Ordinary Pain (especially if you have a female backup singer to duet with you)

    2. With Each Beat of My Heart

    3. Stranger On the Shore of Love

    4. Do I Do (great audience participation song)

  73. What Up E!

    Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You Last Winter)* Most Underrated Stevie Song!!

    Don't You Worry About A Thing

    Do I Do or Master Blaster

    You could do your "Baby Song" and then go into "Isn't She Lovely" - I may have to get paid off of this idea E!!

    Rocket Love!!!

    Tomorrow my list may change... Can you really go wrong with a Stevie Song?

  74. i can only think of 2 off the top of my head...
    1. As
    2. Rocket Love

  75. 1.Overjoyed!
    2. Overjoyed
    3. Overjoyed
    4. Overjoyed

    Good Luck, Oh and when you coming to Atlanta!!!

  76. Hey Eric! Great way to get your fans excited!!

    My suggestions are:

    1. Golden Lady
    2. Superwoman
    3. Knocks me off my feet
    4.All I do


  77. 1. Send One Your Love
    2. My Cherie Amour
    3. Overjoyed
    4. These Three Words
    5. Knocks Me Off My Feet

    Congrats! You'll do great!

  78. get me excited just to think about you doing ALL I DO , also knock me off my feet !

  79. ROCKET LOVE!! That's my favorite

  80. Mr. Roberson:

    Your voice is beautiful and you will do any Stevie song sweet justice!! My thoughts:

    1) All I Do
    2) As
    3) Jammin'

    I know that you will ROCK IT!

  81. Good luck!! I know the show will be incredible.

    My top for Stevie Wonder songs...Boy this is a hard choice...But you did say top four that like 500 would enjoy:

    1)Living For The City
    3)Ribbon in the Sky
    4)My Cherie Amour

  82. Rocket Love

    Sir Duke (one of the 1st songs I EVER recall hearing!)


    Isnt She Lovely

    I have my tickets already, see you on the saturday people!

  83. Hey Eric
    I will actually be back in London and will pass by the Jazz Cafe

    Ok my pick would be

    Knocks me off my feet

    For your love


  84. 1. All I Do
    2. favorite!
    3. Rocket Love.... a must! You'll do a job on this one!
    4. Livin For the City
    5. That Girl

    When are you coming back to NYC??

  85. Ribbon in the sky
    Isnt she lovely
    Never dreamed you'd leave in Summer
    My cherie Amour