Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Summer Treat.....

For many of you who may not have ever seen my video for "The Moon" many years ago.....enjoy!

Hope everyone is having a great and safe, blessed summer.



  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing. You were a baby!lol I'll be at SOBs on the 27th. I have drowned my family and friends in your music. I plan on making it a girlfriends night out. They'll be immediately hooked..............

  2. Um, yeah I'm really not sure what to say. I still think this song is hot but I was so not prepared to see the throwback oversized sweater, collar-less denim shirt paired with the stone washed denim jeans and braided belt.

    The song really did brighten the end of my week and the throwback clothes made me chuckle a little...o.k. a lot!

  3. So I can still get that pager, right?

  4. Eric, I am SUCH a fan of this song. I met you a few (ok, more than a few ;) years ago at a Howard Homecoming party and talked to you about how much i loved this song because my mom used to say "I love you to the moon..." to me when she tucked me in at nite. So corny I know ;) I remember hearing this on the radio in Jersey and being so surprised when I got to Howard and you were there! Saw your blog on a friend's page and had to drop in. All the best! -- EJ

  5. Talk about a throwback! Wow. Check out the fashion. And what's crazy is I remember hearing this song years ago. You better go boy!

  6. Hey Eric! Your fade was TIGHT! That song is still absolutely one of my favorites! GOD Bless!


  7. Erro,
    I saw this video for the first time just yesterday on Soul Stories on VHI. I can't believe I hadn't seen it before -- did you have it locked in a vault somewhere or was someone blackmailing you? You bring the late, great Kenny Greene to mind on this awesome record.

    I love the throwback HU t-shirt which reminds me of my days on The Yard.

    I love you so much & can't wait to see you @ Bohemian this week for homecoming.

    Be blessed,
    laurel, md
    hu '89

  8. ummm...wow...i remember this song and video! but did not know of your music back then...and now it clicks!