Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hidden Treasures


Many don't know there was a predecessor to Vault 1.5, it was the Vault 1.0.

Only a limited number of CD's were pressed. It wasn't intended to be sold in volumes.

Heard it has been seen on eBay for up to $100!

Several of the songs were sold for other singers, including "Rebound" and "Hold On".

On the live DVD album the song "When Love Calls" comes from Vault 1.0 in which James Yancey aka J-Dilla played the drums.


  1. Eric I actually found out about this when I was on a search to make sure I had ALL YOUR ALBUMS!! I wondered why I could NEVER find this one!! Now I know.... ;-) You're music is the truth....

  2. Still waiting for a chance to get those "lost" tracks. I'm patient.