Thursday, August 4, 2011


You know this my right hand man right here. His new and first SOLO album comes out the day after my birthday. Its also a possibility that you will hear your boy on the album. Check out the track listing and lets get ready for some good music.

Artwork and tracklisting for Tay’s upcoming solo effort, due out September 27th on +FE Records.

01. Dance in the Reign
02. The Good Fight
03. Everything Is Falling Down
04. Not Here Anymore
05. Eternally
06. Sendin My Love
07. Ball and Chain
08. To Be Yours
09. Gonna Be A Beautiful Night
10. We Go Off
11. The Life of Kings
12. Who Loves You More

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  1. Just went to see him in Oakland and I had NO IDEA he was so funny! It was like we went to a comedy show! Cant wait for his solo album! And hurry and put yours out! PLEASE come back to oakland!!