Friday, September 9, 2011

Essence Freestyle

enjoyed meeting staff over at Essence. thank you for having me there. look forward to seeing you all again soon.



  1. so so awesome...the talent is just breathtaking..♥ to hear the freestyles!

  2. Dude, every person that is sleeping on you is truly missing out on genius songwriting/singing & performing.

    The only other artist I've ever seen do that is Common. You're in good company, my friend.

    Keep it up!

    I'll see you in Detroit in November for my birthday!

  3. From the first moment i ever experienced the Esoteric Movement I knew that it would only get better! Eric Roberson is unique and God given. His artistry resurrects the creativity in people that was once slain by lack of appreciaion for individuality!

  4. Bro Eric, continue to express what God has put inside of you so the whole world can see what really comes from a vessel. PEACE!

  5. Erro never fails to amaze me with his talent. His shows alway impress no matter how many times my fiance and I see him.

  6. Eric you get more talented everyday. You have come along way from winning us over 1 at a time!! We fans are selfish with our love for you. But we will follow you on this journey because GOD ONLY CREATED 1 OF YOU!

    Louisville Kentucky!

  7. You are such a talented man and I have followed you for years. So many people are sleeping and missing out on your extraordinary talent but I keep introducing you to as many as I can. God bless.