Monday, February 19, 2007

First Blog

Wow…what a big two weeks we have ahead of us. We didn't tell people we were doing the website over, so i hope you like it. Shout out to Remi a.k.a. Merqury from my board for giving it a much needed facelift. So the album will be in everybody's hands in a couple of days. We have a new show to support it and some big shows lined up. Am i nervous? To be honest i am far too busy to be anything right now…hahahaha... I'll say this, it's been a long time coming and i thank everyone for their patience. But i had to make sure it felt right... Or shall i say Left.

A lot of you are probably wondering why i named the album "Left." Well there's a lot behind the name, but i will shed some light on one of them…

There once was a circle of kids who sang and played together. It was a simpler time then. They all had very little except for the music inside of their hearts. Well, one day a big gust of wind came down and picked everyone up. That wind still has them flying high. Well, all except one... Somehow that wind missed this one kid, and for a time he wondered why he was left behind. Periodically a wind would become present, but rarely could move him. Clearly he was left... One day a sound in his head told him, "That wind wasn't for you, and you have another purpose and path to travel." He paused for a second, and then asked which way he was supposed to go? Clearly he saw no path in front of him. And no matter how hard he tried to follow the others…he just couldn't catch on. Well, the voice said, "Follow your heart and not others, and you will find your place. If they go that way, simply go left..."


  1. I think the "face lift" is cool. Thank you for the story behind the music....Can't wait till u come to the ATL...
    Much Love and Peace

  2. looking forward to seattle! great christening of the new spot - great job!

  3. The new look is HOT!!! Also, I love the story behind "Left". The album is ridiculously awesome and oh so appreciated!

  4. Yo! the album is tight!. Just put it on number 1 and let it play. GREAT JOB!!!


  5. E, I'm loving the new facelift and the blog feature as well.

    Love that you broke down the album name for us too.

    '07 is yours man! Many blessings as always.


  6. Im feelin the new digs, E. Im gonna get me a new beanbag chair and plop it in that corner right...over...THERE! LOL. hit me back when you get a minute- My girl Tiffani Alexander and her crew over at wanna interview you! lets make it hap'n cap'n!

  7. Love the new sit and the new CD. "Left" hits home with me I'm goin' Left right now! Thanks for the inspiration. Can't wait until the next Atlanta show!
    Many, Many Blessings to you!

  8. thnx for hittin' the spot Erro.
    site's phat & LEFT's just right ! biggin' You up on my site !
    keep it up - Luv eRyN

  9. Man, you did it again. True Talent, I have been putting everyone I know on you. My wife and I really enjoy Left. Look forward to seeing you in Dallas at the Petrus Lounge.
    Peace Bro.

  10. new album is tight i can find a song i can really relate to on every album you have when are comming to detroit!!!!!!!!

  11. yo! whut up erro! d.j ghetto. luv the left cd. I will let it be heard throught harlem and i told the record shack to keep it in stock.Best T. sampson aka dj ghetto

  12. Of course coming from you I knew I would not be disappointed. I love the CD and each CD graduates to a higher level. Thank you for your freshness and incite into your world. Can't w8 till you come to the "A".

    Peace and HouzeBEATZ

  13. Hey whut up the radio stations and re erro the music is to cool not to be heard.

  14. I love the new CD! I'm a late starter but I catch on quickly...wonderful performance tonight, if I can just review for these midterms in a couple of hours, lol. Keep giving us the light, sunshine. :D

  15. Peace and Respect Brother! You are definitely continuing to bring a sound that is so RIGHT it is LEFT to the Masses!

    Keep Shining!

    Always Bless


  16. I would love to purchase your album "Left" on iTunes. I am looking forward to your concert in ATL and I wish I could make the concert tribute to Stevie Wonder in London. Of course much love to your family and your inspiration, take care...Terry, Asenith, and Nzinga

  17. I first saw Eric Roberson perform on this show that used to come on Colours TV-some talk show with this lady name Michel as well as seeing him on Neo-Soul Cafe. I also saw him perform Def Ears Live on BETJ. There was another show on Colours TV that used to come on-some poetry/spoken word show-saw him on that show as well. Anyway, I have been in love with his music since then. Finally, had an opportunity to see him perform live in Houston, TX at 312 Main-Bistro and Dinnerclub on March 9th as well as had the opportunity/pleasure to meet him and purchase three out of four of his CD's and get them personally autographed by Mr. ERRO himself. He gave me a hug and I was able to get a couple of pictures taken with him. He is so FINE AND HANDSOME,as well as really nice and down to earth, especially in person. Keep making beautiful music like this and you have a fan for life.

  18. WOW, your story behind LEFT touched me in more ways than you could probably imagine... I too have had a conversation similar in MY head. Thanks, for the silent inspiration through your words and music!
    Shalaila of Y.B.-N-G Productions

    p.s.- I love the new look!

  19. Can we get a Live concert cd out!- For example the Left Cd?

    I heard of him through a house music song-"Don't Change for me".
    And saw him live for the first time in Detroit-April 5, 2007 at PLAN B club-It was HOT!

    However when I purchased his Left Cd-it was totally opposite, VERY MELLOW. I rather pay for a recording of his LIVE concert :-(

  20. Hard for me to pick a favorite track from the Left cd. It's genuinely good from beginning to end.

  21. Okay, so "Been In Love" is definitely the hotest track since "Obstacles", my question is, where do we go from here? ER baby you are doing your thing,"Come on now", I'm in love with what you're bringing, my question... my question.... how... baby how you're doing? Holla at your girl...I'm feeling you and it's just matter of time. "Come on, come on" - you are the truth! What more can I say! You are so blessed! God is first and the world, is the world, don't you worry about a thing! Peace and comes in the morning! I'll see you in NYC at SOB 2007.

  22. Gosh I have missed you SOO SO SO SO SO SOOO MUCH. You are the music to my soul. I got carried by the wind.. I was gone. This post almost jerked a tear. Was he you? OH HOW I HAVE MISSED YOU!!!!!!! I always feel guilty everytime I get one of your emails.. but I was in the wind. I just plugged in my speakers to my laptop for the first time in ages so I could bump your web playlist behind this.. Pure bliss.
    I didnt realise how many cd's you had out now. CDBABY has been my resurrection over the last couple nights. Anyway im fitna check my account to figure out how to scoop all these damn joints.
    I remember the first package received from you. DAMN I CAINT WAIT teeeeeeeheheheheheeeeeeee

    had to let that out!

    sisterfan.old erf'ling head