Tuesday, February 27, 2007

So i have had a very busy two weeks. The one thing about my shows is you never know what you are gonna get. I say that about the stage and the audience. The show we had at BB Kings had over 600 people inside who paid and no telling how many people snuck in or was on the infamous list. This was the biggest venue by far that i've headlined in New York, so i was definitely nervous. We would have had a good time even if it was two hundred people, but it made a statement that a completely independent soul artist could bring that kind of turn out. My jaw dropped when i walked out on that stage that night. Such a beautiful crowd. I couldn't see much with the lights on my face, but once and awhile i was able to take in all around me.. wow is all i can say. I flew Dwele in as my special guest, and we performed "Hold On" together. This was only the second time we've done this, and i clearly don't see this being the last. He's a real good brother, and the conversation we had on the way to the airport the next morning was just as important as the performance we shared. I will fill you in on that convoe one day. I also had Algebra Blessett open for me. The funny thing is i called her only two days before the show to see if she would come up and do it. The fact that she worked it out and came up says a lot about the kind of person she is. Not to mention she did a great job. Now if we could only get that album out.

We sold a ton of cds that night, and would have sold even more if BB Kings allowed us to sell the cds ourselves. But thats not their policy and they wouldn't budge. All good though.. One thing i didn't like was the number of email names on our mailing list. I have often said I'd rather have your email address than your 10 dollars for one of my cds, cause if i have your email address i have a connection to you. Almost everything that we've built is based off of the email list and emails in general. i would've loved to have had 600 email names that night, but that's just me being me. My staff did a great job though. We all had our hands full. To work for me you have to wear many hats. One second your selling cds, booking shows, organizing interviews, etc..

So now i am home for a week before i head to LA and start the shows all over again. We have Houston, Dallas, Baltimore, Philly, St. Louis and Seattle over the next three weeks. I plan to be a lazy bum until I leave, but I'm sure that will be impossible. But I'm working on it. Hahahaha..

Oh, on a very sad note. We lost a powerful soldier in the music game the other week. Ken Batie, the legendary radio DJ in Atlanta GA died in a car accident. He was one of my very first supporters I had in radio. I always enjoyed going to the station to holla at Ken, and his door was always open. He would instantly make you feel at home and will be truly be missed.


  1. i'm still sad i missed the show but glad i got my request @ sol village.

    you are truly blessed with a gift and this is truly just the beginning of even more blessings the Lord is going to send you man

    much success to you on the upcoming shows


  2. Eric,

    You did a GREAT Job at BBKings and i'm so proud of you. I was bragging about it to my friends for days about how you filled up BBKings being an independant Artist. They was like.....word?lol You know you have my continued support. Keep the shows coming. U know the crew gonna represent........I wanna be just like you when I grow up.lmbo

  3. it was a pleasure meeting you in delaware....my girlfriend and I traveled from Baltimore. the crowd was small (personally I like the more intimate setting) but you rocked like you were at the Gardens.
    it was a nice wrap up to our Valentines's day weekend and "left" was perfect traveling music

    Remain untainted and true. And again try to work "painkiller" in to the live performance.

  4. Keep blogging Eric!! I'm patiently waiting... =)

    I saw your show at BBKings in LA and I must say that you opened my soul Eric. I am so proud of you for overcoming the obstacles that night. Your freestyle song about your day put such a bright smile on my face.

    Please continue to spread your joy.

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  6. "i would've loved to have had 600 email names that night"

    well, here is -1-



  7. Hello Eric
    I have been a faithful follower since your first album! I am from NJ as well as I am loving your style of music and your sound! I am upset I missed you when you came to DC I will be sure to NOT miss you again keep making good music and prefoming with Dwele who I am a fatihful follower of as well sounds wonderful! Are you going to put the duet on a live album? Let me know.

  8. You're blogging! This is so cool to get another side of you apart from the message board.

    Needless to say, you'll be getting added to the blogroll.

    Much love!

    *See ya in Philly next Saturday!

  9. the release party in DC was the best!!! I have been listening to Left since I got it and I think it is sooooo great! The Vault and the Appetizer was good, but the Left really shows your true talents. Keep bringing the real music!! Much Love from DC Metro!

    1Diva76 - my favorite song on Left is "Too Soon" - love it!!!!

  10. What up, Eric...please let a person know when you plan a Midwest stop in Cleveland " so cold " Ohio. Peace and success be with you and my man Dwele!

  11. I had tickets for that show but had a fever of 103 and could not make it. But I was there at the Rahway show for Dwele and that was the first time that I have seen ERRO perform with Dwele and I thought that was one of the best performances I have seen in a long time. I felt like getting on the stage with them cuz I know all the words to just about every ERRO song and Dwele song. (My girlfriend wants to take my cds away cuz I keep wearing them out!) but anyways both of these guys have been such a motivation for me not as singers but as motivated independant artist who can laY the foundation for so many people who want to play real music and writers everywhere. I am hoping to me these gentlemen again one day. song writing is definetly a lost art and Mr. Roberson keeps it alive. May you keep the music flowing through our bones. Our souls have dependant on it like a drug......One of your number 1 fans..... Eric(the guy with the tan blazer at the Rahway show you did with Dwele.)