Wednesday, December 12, 2007



Hey just wanted to share with you guys a television show called, Behind The Camera. They featured my good friend and great photographer, Anna Keenan as she photographed my concert in Toronto. Very insightful. Anna, did majority of the photos for my album "Left" except for the cover which was shot by Jati Lindsey. Anna also shot the cover for my new UK released entitled, The Collection. Well watch and enjoy...


  1. Tyou for sharing Anna's work. She is great. I love her vision and approach. So ERRO, wzup with the UK release called the Collection? Do you plan to sell it in the USA?
    Or do I gotta get my London family to get me a copy? Either way, I wanna get some copies for myself and friends. You know ... ERRO for the holidays...

  2. Eric, you are the epitomy of class, true artistry, dignity and respect. You are humble to no end and for this I want to thank you.

    I want to thank you for allowing 'us' to ride along with you on your journeys and bear witness to some of your experiences.

    Much Love and admiration goes out to you for so selflessly promoting others along the way. And, for being one of the realest, most down-to-earth people in the industry.