Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Now I'm a GIANT's fan but i must be honest, my heart was saddened by the news of Sean Taylor's untimely death. Unfortunately I have been around a lot of death to young men lately. I will write on that later. I havent addressed Kanye's Mom either. My thoughts and prayers go to all of them. well there's another passing that caught me off guard as well. if you know me, you know i was affected. click here to find out who i am talking about.


  1. I didn't even have to look at the link.

    As good of a concert you put on, the one thing about you that stays in my head is when I took you and D Mo to the gas station to pick up extra Gatorade and I was so amazed that you drank I swear 4 bottles in less than an hour. Then you drank another 20 bottles during the show. This is sad day but I'm going to pour a little Kiwi Strawberry Gatorade out in his honor!

  2. This is a sad day for all, and I know you are in mourning about the founder of Gatorade passing (I didn�t have to look at the link for that one). I will never forget when you came to St. Louis and I had to take you to the gas station to extra bottles of Gatorade�I kept telling you we would have plenty at the show but that thirsty throat of yours just couldn�t wait that long. Your show is amazing but what gets me more is how you drink all of that Gatorade in one day. I will pour a little Kiwi Strawberry Gatorade out tomorrow morning after my workout!

  3. Hey Eric,

    It is so good to see you on the blog spot. I LOVE your music. I vibe to your CD everyday ALL day. My favorite song is pretty girl. I love the message that song brings.

    Anywho, I totally feel you on the death to young men lately. I was deeply saddened by Kanye's mother. I will be posting a blog about he and her before the week it is out. So, you must come and check it out.

    Hey, when will you be back in the "A?"

    Keep in touch and drop by my blog spot.

  4. yeah rip to all those that have passed, life is short live it to the fullest. Im sure you do erro and im def trying to evryday. peace b

  5. have you tried the limited edition Gatorade Super Bowl flavor! OMG! That is the one flavor i'd fight over...

    just thought you'd understand :) JW