Saturday, November 3, 2007


Okay so I knew after last night’s show I would need to get some serious rest and drink a lot of fluids to be able to do 2 more shows today. Our lobby call time was 4PM. I slept all the way up to 3PM and only woke up because the phone rang. Well it was much needed sleep so I was quite happy. So the first show was like all of the first shows… Very reserved and quiet. Anthony came offstage exhausted by the lack of energy. Don’t get me wrong he still rocked it, but had to carry himself thru it. This is our last night here so we really want to make it special. Nothing really unusual during my first set. It was nice, and the crowd enjoyed it.
In between sets we went to the dressing room to eat our final dinner in Japan. The staff has been so nice and supportive towards us. Very accommodating, which in all honesty is very rare for us. So lets talk about our dear friend, Yukkyyy. She was the young lady who was friends with D Mo from Frank McComb’s board. She also is the one who brought us the majority of the Gatorade we drank. (Note. The staff also brought us two boxes as well, which we were very thankful for as well.) So of course her money is no good with us. She is on the list for each show and can have what ever cd she wants. We really enjoyed her, eventhough she barely knew any English. But she hung with us and we worked it out. Thanks Yukkyyy!
So during our dinner I was dared by a fellow band member who will go nameles (But lets say he needs sticks to play his instument. Opps that must have slipped.) to lay the microphone down during Softest Lips, then run and dive on it as if it was a woman. The dare was enough, but what he offered with it could not be refused. But I will keep that in house. Well during our second set, we enter Softest Lips. The band is tense with anticipation. Will he or won’t he, they constantly ask themselves and one another. Well I ever so slowly lay the mic to the ground as if she is the most beautiful fine round thing in the world. I walk to the other side of the stage. (Mind you I have on a white jacket. Okay lets continue.) I get in a football stance. After a slight pause I take off, and then dive to the ground next to my beautiful Shure 58 Microphone. The crowd is silent with surprise, and so is the band. You hear a couple of gasp from the audience, and then we continue with the song. Hahahahaha.. Boy I wish that was on YouTube.
The rest of the show was great. The crowd had it popping and when we went into Rock With You, they were just as crazy as the night before. Well I thank everyone for coming and thank the staff for their support, Anthony and I take our final bows and I head straight for the bathroom. Let me tell you, that is where I am immediately after every show. Do you ever notice how much I drink onstage. Well to my surprise one of the staff member, a cool cat nickname, Yo came and got me to say the crowd was requesting an encore. Word? In Japan? Sure enough as I walked closer to the doors I could hear them chanting my name, and boy did that feel good. So we got up there and did two more songs for them, thanked them once again, and that was the night. I had a great time here and truly can’t wait to come back.
Well guess what? It’s Sunday so I have plans tonight. We are 15 hours ahead of the states, so football will be coming on around 3AM. Yes I will be staying up all night watching bootleg football on Ian’s computer. Besides we have a 14 hour flight tomorrow. Why sleep now?


  1. Yeahhh yeahhh bravo thank you so much for sharing that experience and yukkuy thanks so much. Japan in the houuUuuuse :) well it is so blessed ur tour ended with a bang and u got rested the band and anthony david is blessseed congrats thanks so much for being you. We appreciate the updates be blessed

    Been in the crib all day doin nada slept till bout 4p too so I kno how that can be ill be alright may got to da fed ex kinkos asap

  2. I hope you'll be bringing the mic-dive trick back to the states!!

  3. hahaha... dont know if i should bring the mic diving part of the show back to the states. but hey you never know.

  4. lol @ the mic-dive in a white coat! must have been some bet. won't you tell us what you've won? please!?

    Thanks for sharing all of your experiences. Can't wait to see you in LA again.

  5. OK, I am pretty much in love with you now. It is official. The mic trick did it. Can you please, please, please, please let us know when you will coming back to Atlanta? Travel safely and God Bless

  6. Mr. Roberson - this blog is a blessing to your many fans. We enjoy "traveling" with you. If you ever find the time to visit our blog (of old school music loving writers) we would be honored, especially if you would take the time to leave a comment.

    We also hope you don't mind that we have added your blog to one of our blog rolls.

    Be well!

    Bloggers' Delight

  7. Sounds like Japan was an AWESOME experience, but let's do it even BIGGER & BETTER in Atlanta this Saturday. This will be my first opportunity to see you perform live and I admit I am STOKED! It would nice to meet you up close and personal, oh and a few pictures for my scrapbook would be an added bonus. Come on...what do ya say? Just be on the lookout for Candice aiight. ;)
    Peace & Blessings,

  8. eriiiiccc!!! i enjoyed ur last show in japan! it was awsome!!! cant wait to see your show again!

    ps crystal started her own radio show and i told her to play your song. but she already played "dont change"!!

    much respect & love.

  9. Mr. R,
    The mic trick thing sounds so Prince-esque. I would have loved seeing it. Ok so after Japan what are the plans?? coming to B-more anytime soon??