Thursday, November 1, 2007


Hmmmm… How do I say this best? Sometimes it sucks being the singer. I woke up with every intention to go and see Japan today, but when I opened my blinds and saw that it was raining… Well no sightseeing for the kid. I can’t afford to get sick with 4 shows left to go. So the guys went on with out me. I was fine. I ordered room service and watch Japanese TV. Our call time was 6pm, so of course everyone comes down to the lobby sporting their new sneakers they picked up today. Chicken fat… Not like I need another pair of sneakers though, but it would have been nice to see Japan.
Well for everything I missed during the day I made up for on stage. My voice was in top condition and I was focused on showing that to everyone who came to these two shows. I actually have a cough that is bothering me but people would only notice it when I talk. I can fight it off while singing. The body is an amazing thing. Way to go God… You did a great job making us. While we are on the subject of stage coughs, most people have no idea how much I burp onstage. Sometime in the middle of verses. Hahahahaha… Yeh, I guess I drink so much before and during the show that it has to come out somehow.
So the first show goes without a hitch. We still didn’t do Rock With You, but decided to do it in the second show. The crowd for the first show is once again very reserved, but we push the energy and tempos anyway. The band’s favorite song to play now is “Right Or Wrong.” They worked on it really hard in rehearsal before the tour and its sounding incredible now. Rashid has been murdering the solo section. The band has done a great job with their solos, but Shid’s is the show stopper. So everything was routine until the second show. First thing we noticed was how crowded the second show was. When we got off the elevator you could feel it was a different energy. Anthony definitely enjoyed the crowd response. It doesn’t compare to anything we experience in London or DC, but it feels just as good to receive a response from the crowd. Also there were three black couples in the crowd. Wow didn’t expect to see that.
My set was going great. I looked at my watch during the solos to see how we were doing on time. We were fine, so I looked over at the band to see if they want to do Rock With You. They were more than ready. Would you believe we had the crowd standing and dancing? And when we went into Beat It all hell broke loose. Hahahahaha… It was a great night. Made up for any sneakers and historic sites I may have missed earlier. It was fun meeting everyone after the show. A lot of them spoke English, and the band enjoyed that. We stayed a long time, and I probably spoke to every last person, even the ones who couldn’t speak a lick of English. Met the black couples as well. One couple was there because of the military, another had I believe a construction company, and last couple was there celebrating their wedding anniversary. They were from Philly and DC, and moved out here to take a job as a school counselor if I remember correctly. After everyone left they were still sitting there enjoying drinks and each other, so I talked with them for quite some time. We shared a good and inspiring convoe and then parted ways. The world and the paths we take thru them are so amazing. There’s so much out there, and we all have individual purposes. Its always good to be reminded of that.


  1. hi erro. i am digging your travel diary. i love what you said at the end about our individual purpose and our paths. God is so amazing. keep safe. enjoy the journey. peace and creativity, ananda

  2. enjoyed this one alot E. music is definitely a universal language that speaks to everyone. glad you guys did Rock With You. i'm surprised some ppl didn't jump on stage wanting to really rock out.....can't believe you didn't get any dunks lol wait i have spoken too soon lol

  3. That's awesome erro I'm really happy and proud of u and ur accoplishments ur living ur purpose purpose doesn't change but the places and paths in life can thank you for reminding us of that I'm always praying and wishing the best for u and ur career ur music and ur message touches the lives of maany cont on ur path and be blessed. Always maybe my purpose wull take me out of the country one day with my own family supportin my husband and fufilling our destines if I close my eyes I can see day hopefully soon just gotta be patient. Taking me movie night bouta see american ganstsa well ramblin but u kno me be

  4. i forgot to mention the young lady pictured with her husband did come on stage with anthony david and they did the knife scene from the beat it video. purely classic.

  5. OMG, I wish I couldda beenthere to hear you guys do RIGHT OR WRONG ....that is my song right there !!!!
    I am soooo jealous of the japan audience right now...
    ERIC we miss you in Dallas TX sweety !!!

  6. When I read your post (whether online, print, cd etc), you always always remind me to be grateful and remind me your humility. It's 2011 and this post is from 2007... you continue to inspire. You're an awesome person.