Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Celebration & Condolences


  1. Real Talk. My home girl flew in from ATL to attend J.B's birthday celebration. At first I was like..who is J.B.?? (turns out he went to FAMU with us..) Then she asked me to come out to Nikkis Saturday night 'cause Dwele was hosting a concert.... My first thought was..how did they get D'wele to come to South Florida...Neo Soul folks just don't come down here. Second, who is this Eric Roberson guy...

    The moment I sat down at the table (directly left of the stage area), my questions were answered!!!

    That was the best live performance I have witnessed in a long time. The music was off the hook. I asked her "Who are these men and why aren't they on the radio??"

    But then I thought, these guys are way too good for the radio!

    Radio is WACK! Stay away from it. The music on there is too commercialized. Your stuff is real! Don't mix your platinum with their foil paper..

    That very Monday I looked on You Tube and Google to find out what your music is truly about..

    You have one of the most original voices I have heard in a long time. Your voice is not a factory voice if that makes sense.

    Mr. Roberson, you've earned another fan! I plan to buy some of your albums (after the mortgage is paid LOL)

    PLEASE keep making music, and COME BACK TO SOUTH FLORIDA..if not go to ATL. I told my homegirl you're music is worth the excuse to hop on a plane.

    Be Blessed!!!

  2. Yes... I am still riding high and beleive there are greater days to come! Thanks for checking in! I enjoyed the wedding piece. thanks for sharing. Congrats if I didn't say so before.

    Yes, T. Jackson, everyone becomes an instant fan and it is hard to listen to anything else. I will be in New Brunswick on Saturday! I can't wait!!!!!!