Sunday, November 16, 2008

BET-J Virtual Award

Hey everybody, coming to let you know that I have been nominated for Best Underground Artist for the BET-J Virtual Awards. Winners will be announced on November 25th. Others nominated are Conya Doss, Liv Warfield, Heston, Rahsaan Patterson and Vikiter Duplaix, all of whom I'm great friends and fans of.

Have a blessed one!



  1. I voted like 17 million times. Hopefully they counted all of them! LOL Congrats on the nomination and I will be watching.

  2. I put "The Virtual Vote" on my Tagged page...CONGRATS ON BEING NOMINATED ERRO!! While I am fans of the other nominees, I'm so hoping you win! You're the best kept secret! Such a huge HUGE fan of your craft! Blessings! I'm about to vote as much as I can for you! ;-)

  3. congrats on winning the award man! i watched it tonight + it was a tie between you + rahsaan patterson. keep bringing good music to the world man.