Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!!

Leaving you all with one of my last shows of the year freestyle while at Play Date Dallas this month.

Pray everyone has had a blessed year, and pray for an even more prosperous year for everyone.

Thank for supporting honest music!



  1. Same to you, Erro! Looking forward to your Annapolis show.

  2. I LOVE YOU ERRO!! Can't get enough of your music and singing! Your are so talented and gifted, and it's so refreshing to have some REAL MUSIC for a change! I am from Dallas and live here, and wish I could have came out to see you...thanks for sharing the clip!

  3. Here's to a new year and another chance for us to get it right!

  4. Man this quest started on a friends
    myspace page all the way to your
    blog. Dude have to say that in this
    moment of bearing witness to your
    art that I am so inspired. I wish
    you only well. I have been in the
    music game for more than 33 years
    now and I work with absolutely the
    best of the best and you are blessed
    for real. Keep doing you and blessing
    us with your gift.

    Fred Clark-Kent

  5. Hey Erro,

    Thanks for coming through Dallas, as you can see we always enjoy your shows. Sorry that I threw out the word Ouiji board... but obviously it didn't trip you up a bit!

    Much love and respect,

    Melmo Goodie