Thursday, April 16, 2009


Sure this isn't music related but one of the most famous music studio past times is wooping somebody in John Madden Football.  Sadly John Madden is retiring from the broadcast booth.  I've long since retired from playing John Madden football.  Just no longer had the time to maintain my level of play.  But...  thru the years i was known as JMK (John Madden King), and it clearly wasnt just a nickname.  My list of casualties include: 
- Jazzy Jeff and all of the Touch of Jazz crew.  
- Actually pretty much all of philly who came to Jeff's Studio.
- Tracy Lee
- Anyone who went to Howard University from 92-97
-The entire Dip Set crew outside of Juelz Santana (he wasnt there.  Oh an Jim Jones took an L in NBA Live not Madden)
- Darious Rucker (Hootie and The Blow Fish) - was called to play him after he beat all of philly.  I came in and he was beating me 17-0.  I finally figured out his game and beat him 27-17.

Thanks Mr. Madden for the enjoyable times in the booth, on the field and with the sticks.


  1. Its truly the end of an era. I grew up on he and Mr. Summerall..that being said, Cris Collinsworth needs to be his replacement

  2. i wonder what it would take to get Erro to come out of Madden retirement. maybe an Xbox 360 may mysteriously show up at his next gig...

  3. the name "John Madden" gets the Fox Monday night football song stuck in my head