Friday, April 17, 2009

Nylon Dunk?

i have a small problem with the toe part of these, but wanted to post them anyway, cause they still fly.

these will be released in Fall and are made completely out of nylon. more details at Uristocrat.


  1. Whassup...
    Totally off the Subject, but has there been a Venue selected for your Concert Date on May 17th in Detroit, MI... If so, when does Tix go onsale... Thanks!!!

  2. i'm not so sure about these!

  3. First timer here visiting your blog, enjoyed reading and making myself at home, will be back for more

  4. Hi Eric,

    I just saw you perform on BET J and it was wonderful. You are a very talented individual. However, you look very familiar to me and I said to myself you're probably not him but what can it hurt to find out. I'm a black female from Staten Island, NY. Years ago, 1999-2000 my friend Joy and I use to hang out with a guy named Eric and Wagly. Are you that same Eric?

  5. Thanks for the link... I do agree with you. The toes are horrendous on these sneakers. let me know if you ever want to post anything on the Uristocrat.

    - Edwin, Uristocrat

  6. Yea, definitely a problem with that "toe" part on these kicks! ;-) They're still hot! I notice ER you love to shop too huh? Yea, I kinda got a problem with shopping..I'm a shoe fanatic myself...