Friday, September 25, 2009

Coming to Bowie Center!!!

Click flyer above to purchase tickets and for further information.


  1. Thank you! What a great performance last night in Bowie, MD. Makes a music fan first enjoy the lastest CD that much more. Thanks for being a truly down to earth person towards your fans. Good luck always, and wishing you and your band happy and safe travels over seas and then back to the States.

  2. Incredible show last night. I loved the energy you, and your band bring to the stage. It was truly my pleasure to bring the lighting element to your show. I thank iTunes for recommending you, I bought the vault 1-5, and have been a fan ever since. I look forward to the next time our paths cross again, it is always a joy to bring color to your music. If you are looking for an LD I would gladly love to audition for you.

  3. I was hooked 2 years ago at the Black Cat in DC...the new album is great. I asked you a while back when you coming to Boston? Let us know!