Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Music Fan First Album Artwork-Party People Vol. III


Party People Vol III-

THANK YOU to all the Party People and Music Fans First that submitted pictures for the album, over the next few weeks we are going to Post each page of the 28-page album artwork. See if you can find your flics, see if you recognize anyone, or just enjoy a larger format of all your FELLOW MUSIC FANS FIRST.

iF YOU DON'T HAVE The New Album, MUSIC FAN FIRST, its now available for digital download on ITUNES for $9.99 for all 18 songs! For a LIMITED time get a BONUS TRACK through Itunes ONLY -CAN'T GET ENOUGH

...Or you can always do it the classic music fan first way, and buy the CD and enjoy the 28 page album artwork.


  1. Hi Eric,

    I'm a bit confused. I see my daughter's pic on the blog spot but that page is not in the CD Cover, nor is it 28 pages. And I purchased two copies, one to enjoy and one to keep sealed for her when she gets older. Is there a version of the CD where all 28 pages can be purchased. Thanks and I love the new CD.


  2. Omg Erro you made my day looking at this album artwork and seeing my son with my ipod dead smack in the middle. I had completely forgot about this and I'm glad that you still went through with this contest. You now have a 120% loyal fan in me. Thank you so much and the album is complete fiyahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you get the Grammy nomination.