Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Need Your Votes!!

Hey Party People,

Thanking everyone for the feedback and love on the "Still" video. I'm truly appreciative of the responses from everyone.

Now is the time to show even more by casting your vote for "Still" on Centric's Top 20 Countdown by clicking here

Please spread the word and you can vote as many times as you want.

Thanks fam



  1. So, i know it's not cool to admit that i wasn't already up on game when it comes to dope music...but truth is, i had never heard of you, Eric Roberson...i was just driving and Pandora introduced you to me. Man! You made such an awesome connection to my ear that i had to pullover and really, REALLY digest the music! Love at first listen. What else can i say except, "It's truly a pleasure to meet you, Eric Roberson." Will try to catch a live show in CA soon...or maybe I'll splurge and fly up to the Bay this Friday...on second thought...nah...that's rent money...but your music is almost worth robbing Peter to pay Paul to go hear Eric!
    Anyway come through LA soon, alright!?

  2. My pleasure to drop that Centric vote. Your generosity of spirit and caring is refreshing and much appreciated. Thanks & Namaste!

  3. Hey Erro,

    Went online to purchase tickets to your concert at the Birchmere in Alexandria,VA. SOLD OUT! They were sold out everywhere I looked! But I wasn't giving up. After a long hard stressful work week I wanted to find a cool quiet place to relax and just chill. I decided to take a chance and try my luck by going down to the Birchmere box office the day of the concert in hopes of finding tickets.

    To my amazement there were tickets available at the box office! I was ecstatic! I had never seen you in concert before and WOOOOOOOOW! After seeing you perform I totally forgot about my hectic week and felt RE-ENERGIZED and ready to take on the world once again! I purchased your latest CD and couldn't wait to get home to download it on my IPOD.

    Question: Why would your website and ticket agencies list your concert as "sold out" when in fact tickets were available at the box office??? If I had not persevered and decided to check the box office you would not have had my sale. However, what about the fans who would have loved to see you in concert but simply gave up when they could not find any tickets on-line?

    My point is you are being cheated out of potential sales due to a possible hole in the system. Just thought this may be something you may want your agent to investigate.

    You are the coolest of brothers and much success to you, your family and fans!


  4. I went to the SanJose California concert on July 22 2010 and HAD A BLASSSST! I got to sing with Eric and sng Lalah Hathaway's part on "Dealing" and he liked it! I knew EVERY song (well actually except one lol) and the band was LIVE and full of energy! Ill NEVER forget that experiance and am FOREVER grateful to the honor of the duet we shared. He KNOWS how to put on a show!!!!!!! If you miss his shows YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON A REAL MUSIC, REAL ARTIST, REAL GENIUS experiance! God bless =)