Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Calling all ERF'ling's

What does ERF'ling mean? Eric Roberson Family (ERF) is Y-O-U. Much more than a fan, you are family.

For so many years, people have said there isn't good music out there. Good music does's more about getting the word out than there being a lack of good music.

In today's technology, you don't need huge budgets to go global. You need dedicated people who are willing to become individual brand ambassadors.

With new tour dates being scheduled, and a new album on the horizon, the Blue Erro Soul team is always looking for fresh and innovative ideas to help promote me and my music. One thing I've always appreciated is the energy and support I get from my ERF'lings.

We are reaching out to our ERF'lings and asking you to join our team. We want you to be able share and implement your ideas on how you can help promote and spread the word about what we are doing here at Blue Erro Soul. We are very excited about the direction we are going in and having you join us in reaching new heights. We can work together to introduce the rest of the world to "honest music™."

We can't wait to get your feedback. Please comment to this blog, or respond to Facebook or Twitter with your ideas on how the ERF'lings can help market and promote our brand as we gear up for 2011. We will also hold our very first ERF'ling Marketing Ustream Meeting on Wednesday, November 17th at 6pm. This will give you all an opportunity to interact with me and my team as we start strategizing and planning on how we can work together to introduce the rest of the world to my music.

Please make sure you follow @ErroFam on Twitter, join me on Facebook, and sign up for my mailing list to stay informed. Again, I appreciate you all more than I can say and very excited for this opportunity to work together.


  1. Hey Eric, two of your songs are in regular rotation in the Chi in the steppers community. The smooth beats and your voice are a much delight to step to. Hit us with another smooth cut for the "new school style steppers"

  2. Willing to be part of any team that uplifts you, E! BAM! In yo face!!

  3. How 'bout more house, ERRO?! You and Osunlade are an ill force.

  4. Please please please please please include California in those tour dates.... I would love an ERF'ling tee (baby tee for the ladies). I would be your walking billboard.

  5. hmm maybe send flyers to FB friends and email for distribution. I know I'd forward whatever I can!! See you on Dec 15th

  6. It would be great if we could get you in rotation on the major Clear Channel stations that fit your demographics! I would personally love to feature you throughout my website and list you on my newletters. I am a huge fan so sharing this love I have for your music would be a pleasure

  7. Eric, this is Cam from Dallas Texas....friend of DMo's and Pierre's as well. It would be my pleasure to be an ERF'ling and do all I can to contribute and help support Blue Erro Soul and your musical art and getting it saturated across more areas. I've already been working on getting your music adding to the shelves within the city at Target and Best Buy....I know a few friends that work for the corp offices.....the challenge is just getting more than MYSELF to put up the demand for it...I'm still brainstorming on this....

    As I suggested at your last show here in Dallas in July, I think too getting more items like t-shirts, fitted Tshirts, mousepads, your own special "ERRO" pens and pads, things of that nature would be SUCH A deserve all of that! I would love to see your videos for purchase on ITunes as well...

    Pierre and I talked about me starting a "Team ERRO" division down south as well....specifically focusing on creative ideas of pushing your music without taking away how POTENT it is :-)....I have a lot more ideas as well....but PLEASE include me in being part of the ERF'ling team.... :-) Love you ERRO!

  8. Would love to be part of this special team. There are so many people who are like "Who is that singing", when I blast my ERRO cd's. So many people still left in the dark! :) It gives me great pleasure to say, "That's Eric Roberson"! Whatever I can do to help, please advise. Eric Roberson's songs have gotten me through alot of life's hurdles, heart aches, and happy times as well. KUDOS to you and your team!! Keep making that music for the "SOUL"! Love ya! Norfolk, VA

  9. Eric, your music was meant to reach, touch and impact the masses. You're most certainly not this talented for the listening pleasure of a few.

    I'm currently in the process of publishing my novel, tentative release date first quarter 2011. When the movie rights are picked up, I would like you to produce the movie soundtrack. No one less will do. Already have a few ideas, featured artists and such. We have some prep time, I'm a planner; like to be prepared way in advance. But if I realized anything these last few years, your brand of energy, passion and music needs a voice because millions are choking on the alternative.

    BTW, the entire fam - husband, the 14 yr old son and 10 yr old daughter are most definitely proud ERF'lings. Love from my fam to yours. We'll be in touch, I'm sure.

  10. Its an ERFling thing and I love IT!! Thank you for continuing to make music with good lyrical content its greatly appreciated and each chance I get I'm putting people on. I'm down for the cause and I like the idea of t-shirts I would proudly rock one! I recently moved to Dallas, Texas and I realize (Imissed ur show in July) I hope your coming again sooner rather than later. Oh yea BTW Pandora Radio is showing you lots of love they have a nice selection and I'm loving the fact that its all you and not similar artists like some stations. Anyhoo keep doin you.

    Peace & Balance

  11. Erro,

    I am happy to join the ERFlings. Your music rocks!

    So, one thing the family can do is to bombard the major RnB/Soul stations in their communities with requests for your songs. Eventually, these stations will have to cater to our requests and play your music. This will definitely broaden your fan base and get your brand noticed among major music outlets.