Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Live @ Best Buy

I will be performing Live @ Best Buy NYC Union Square 12/1 FREE! Asking that you please show out in numbers!! LET'S GO! Asking ALL ERF'LINGS change avatars,profile pics, & post LIVE @ Best Buy flyer on their sites and blogs and spread the word! #TeamErro

Best Buy


  1. Yo Brother Erro, I recently became a fan about 2 1/2 weeks ago, and that was through amazom recommendations. I want to be very clear, I'm A straight hetrosexual brother, from the Nation Of Islam.. So i'm not ashame to tell you brother, that i fell in love with your music!!! Since becoming a fan, I brought everything you put out, your writing skills brother is incredible!!! You speak to the pain of sisters & brothers, your music is upliftiing, spiritual, & harmonious!!!I recently broke up with a sister i felt would have been my future wife, she became my heart, yet she walk away & usually i would overcome a failed relationship in a couple of months, but this person became my best friend, so the memory is constant, if it were not for your incredible song Couldn't Hear Me Over The Music & The Pen Just Cries Away: although these songs are of a sad ending, it is also uplifting cause anyone who thinks deep can bring about change even in the event of sadness.. Brother Keep Doing What You Do!!! I will try & b out @ Best Buy To Support You!!! Your Brother Gregory 10X Thank You For Even Making Me Even Stronger! Any up coming shows I'M There.. Let me no please cause i do not do facebook.. gwtc19@optonline.net

  2. 1st show I attended of brother Erro, what can I say??? WOW! INCREDIBLE! GREAT! EXECELLENT!GOD GIVEN TALENT! Man Brother Eric, I was Blessed To b in your presents brother, Your Parents & You Beloved Is God's Gift To Us in This Present Time. Your Music will take us higher. Stay Humble, cause i truly sensed that in you. God Bless! Brother Gregory 10x..Will send the photo's