Monday, July 25, 2011

Amy Winehouse

I've been a fan of Amy Winehouse since i heard her first album, "Frank". it was one of the best albums that year. From that moment i watched a very young lady slowly deteriorate before everyone's eyes. Sadly the news of her passing, though disappointing, wasn't surprising. A person can't be that abusive to their body's and last too long. So she passed at age 27. The same age Jimmy Hendricks, Janis Joplin, and Kurt Kobain were when they passed. Let me say this, the 27 club ain't a fly club to be in no matter how talented the club members are. Lets definitely enjoy the music they created, but remember how thankful you should be for the thoughts you have and don't have. Unfortunately there was an emptiness in Amy's system that her mind told her to fill with drugs and alcohol. Be thankful that you don't hear that voice that she heard. and if you are struggling to get that voice out your head, know that someone is praying for you to be stronger tomorrow than you are today. RIP Amy...


  1. beautiful true.

  2. Very thoughtful tribute to a very talented artist. She will be truly missed.

  3. hi I happened to be on the web tonight and Amy came to my mind what another tragic lost of a beautiful soul that didn't know their real inner beauty spiritually. I believe her spirit was really souring, Unfortunately I think the pressures of success pushed her in a corner, it is sad for me to see the photos of her. What a new approach to music she brought to the world. And a yearn to hear more of what she had in stored for us. I hope Amy is at peace although having to leave loved ones behind that still and always will Love and miss you, that is tragic for the Star and her family and friends, and Us FANS! We miss you Amy and you made a difference and to others that party and get a little caught up with having fun, Remember to be truly careful we only have one life and we hate for it to end abrubtly.Wish you were still here. Especially to see your remarkable Eyes how pretty they were.