Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Zo! - ...just visiting three

I am happy to announce another Zo!, Phonte and Erro collaboration... And its FREE!!!! The project also includes songs with Sy Smith, Jeanne Jolly, Nicholas Ryan Gant, and Anthony David.

Download your copy HERE

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  1. I've enjoyed the ENTIRE "...just visiting..." series that Zo! has effortlessly created. However, this volume, "...just visiting three" is simply breath-taking! He delivered BEYOND expectation, and left me in "awe". The album is amazing straight through. But I must admit, the join "Marzipan"......OMG....Eric you sound like an ANGEL. Phonte is awesome doing the chorus, smooth flow....the track itself was amazing (respect to Zo's musical genius)....delivered a PERFECT BLEND of HEAVEN for my ears! We're so blessed to have such amazing music, and for it to be given FREE overwhelms me. Gratitude overflows my soul! Thank you! #DfwErflings ~Cam