Saturday, August 4, 2007

Random Thoughts From My Chi Hotel Room

Last night we did Chicago. Crazy was an understatement. A woman in the front tried to service Curt while he played his solo. Hahahaha.. Okay that’s an exaggeration, but I do have blackmail pics if Curt ever wants to get out of line. It was an all white event, so the crowd looked beautiful.. Wait that sounds racist. I meant the people were all wearing white. There were a couple of white people there as well and they looked beautiful too.

It is 3:15pm, and I am still in the bed. This hotel bed feels incredible. I will be on vocal rest until I have to make a public appearance later today. I’ve already drank 2 liters of water, 64 ounces of Gatorade, and peed 3 times today, and will probably have to go again in a few. Yeah it’s not a game. But its one of the things I have to do in order to be 100 percent when I get onstage.

Tonight we were going to surprise Chicago by opening for Rahsaan Patterson. We were gonna do it for free just cause we were staying in town for the day. We made just one request. That they not advertise me performing at all, so not to upset the promoter of last nights event. Well sure enough they sent out an email blast, sure enough the promoter was pissed, and sure enough we aren’t performing there tonight now. Go figure.. It really was a simple thing.. Just keep quiet and we all get a chance to have fun. So I guess the band and I are gonna go bowling.

Hmmm. What else? The Soul Summit last week was cool. The people that came enjoyed themselves, and gained some knowledge so I was happy about that. Oh yeah I flew to LA to perform on Michael Baisden’s new late night show coming out on TVone. It was dope. Proud of him. Oh yeah, his band leaded is Morris Day.. Yo Morris Day MAN!!!! Show airs in October I believe, so check it out.

I’m surprised my phone is not ringing off the hook right now. One thing about me, I never check my messages. Ever. And for some reason, people keep leaving them. I will listen to it weeks later when my mailbox is full.. But hey I’m an email cat. What can I say.. That’s what the game has made me. E@#&*? It really ain’t that hard. True confession.. My girl has a boy’s name, “Shawn.” But she’s all woman. But when I’m on the plane and she calls me, and the name Shawn pops up on my screen and I answer and say “hey babe, I miss you,” I wonder if the person sitting next to me is looking at me side eyed. Hahahaha.. I love y’all.. Let me get up and get dressed..


  1. You were opening for Rahsaan? Talk about double the pleasure.

  2. See E, you are such a hot commodity those folks couldn't keep quiet lol. I know that would have been off the chain for sure if you would have done it. Yes I heard the Chi show was crazy since I was getting texts from peeps @ 4 am about the show lol.

    And kudos on the Baisden show!!! YOU DA MAN HOMIE!!!

  3. wow take care of urself on the road thanks fore showing my home town so much love as u show evryone def take care of ur intrument of praise i hope u got to chill and relas, sorry to hear about the rashaan stuff finally made it to the library take caare be blesseed b and thanks for the recap see at erf, wow Morris day please let us kno when to watch

  4. I'm glad we left such a lasting (minus the stage chick) impression on you!

    Like you so have to come back.

    A doctor can't get me to drink that much...damn. *sniffle* makes me appreciates ya as a performer even more.

    I'm STILL geeked about that show!

  5. Great writing, man. Definitely one of my favorite new finds.
    There really is something about girls with guys' names.

  6. Ok.. I read backwards (date wise) *uuuggggh* I was at the Rahsaan Patterson show and I was so excited to see him, I think I would've Peed my pants if you would've opened for him.. *LOL* Oh well..Hope to see u in concert soon. Take are of you...