Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This Week

I’ve been dieing to write on here. I don’t want to give you the “wow I’m so busy” spill, but I really may apply at the moment. Outside of touring (I just got home from doing two shows with Kem, Chaka Khan, and Rachelle Ferrell in Detroit), trying to chase these songs out of my head, there’s a business we have to run. If we don’t take care of the business, the rest of the stuff wont happen.
We are putting together a European tour in October that I am quite excited about. To celebrate that I am releasing an album in Europe called “the Collection”, which will pretty much be like a greatest hits album out there.. but I am adding two new songs on there as well.. well that’s the plan that is. I say that because I haven’t written them yet. But I do have several ideas that I am very excited about. Anthony David is doing the tour with me, as well as my Japan tour that’s in October also. So I came up with the idea that he and I do a song together. All of it sounds great right.. now we just have to find the time to do it. I just got back today, and will be doing the family thing tomorrow. My dear sweet Aunt Ann is in town from North Carolina. Weds and Thursday I will be having band rehearsal to get Randy Bowland, my other guitar player up to speed, because Curt is competing in this new show that’s the band version of American Idol. Pray for him guys. I think they are gonna do very very well. So that’s the week, because we fly to VA on Friday to do a show with Erykah “My Boo” Badu. Just kidding shawn, but have you seen that fatty? I digress.. So somehow I have to find time to record 2 songs in between everything. The ballad is half written already and I think it is nothing but trouble. This other idea I have is a Smoke Signals song called “Pill”. I don’t know if the Eric Roberson audience is ready for that one yet. evil grin
Well for now I guess I need to get some sleep so I can have half a brain tomorrow.


  1. I can't wait to see you this Friday in Richmond!

  2. you rock Eric that's all that i can say man. that sounds hot about the Anthony David collaboration. think us fans can handle the Smoke Signals song lol

    pray much continued success dude!

  3. That hump on thats following Erykah around looks plush...

    thanks E.