Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I just finished recording a new song called “Head To Toe” that will probably get us (the band and i) in a lot of trouble. You know Curt was practically serviced onstage in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. Hahahaha.. Lord I wish I had that pic in my computer. I will post it one day. Well there’s no telling what that woman would do to poor Curt when we play this song. You’ve been fore warned.
Speaking of Curt, please say a prayer for him.. He and his band, Franklin Bridge are competing in the band version of American Idol. It started with hundreds and now it is down to 20. I think they can win it, or do extremely well in general.. the show airs in October, so I will be pulling for my hommie. Now if we can just get him thru airport security without the machine always going off.. Sometimes I wonder if he has metal nipple rings or something.. hahahaha.. okay I am bugging.. let’s move on.

The road has been tough lately. The band has had there little scats, and I hope peace rains over us soon. Especially with a European tour and a Japan tour coming up in a couple of months.. At this pace someone is gonna get shanked like that cat in American Me. I think a lot of the problem has to do with a tough traveling schedule. For some reason these promoters keep booking us on super early flights. You know how tough it is to do a show, get to your hotel at 3:30am only to pack and head to the airport at 6am? We’ve slept more on the planes and stage equipment, than in our hotel rooms. I tell you one thing, those neck pillows you can buy at the airport are my prize possession. I can’t even get on a plane with out one now. Phoenix Arizona, thank you for opening your doors to me and my band. I had a great time performing my first show there. Next time we will come during the winter. Hahahaha.. Never have I seen it 96 degrees at 5:30 in the morning. Now that was impressive.

I’m very honored to be nominated for a Black web blog award. Just as surprised at that as I was with the BET awards. Writing my blog has been a pleasure, and I plan to dig deeper as I go forward. I’ve always kept a journal, so writing is one of my favorite hobbies. Some of my other hobbies are collecting sneakers (Raheem and Peekoso, I will see you at the FLY AWARDS), collecting pens and pads. (I only use two pad companies to write on. One is MUJI, and the other is IFS in NY) My birthday is coming up so feel free to send care packages to PO Box 37, Franklin Park, NJ 08823.. Just kidding people. I think.. Well I wont curse you out if you send me some pads. Ok don’t.. Wait, I don’t want to tell you what to do.. You make your own decision, but you know..


  1. I love your it true you will be in Cleveland, Ohio on 8/24/2007

  2. I have come to enjoy reading your blog as I do listening to your music.. :) I see you are a fan of Monty I mean Peekaso too :)

    I Umm want to hear this song.. title alone has my mind wondering.. :)

    pictures are worth a thousand words.. get some rest you look AWFULLY tired in that last one..

    stay blessed and making that good music!

  3. Ah, those catnaps are good when you can get 'em. Congrats on the Black Weblog Award nomination. I was one of the ones who voted for you. What better way to express one's self than through writing.

  4. Hey Erro!

    Surely a pink slip is coming b/c I'm cracking up while at work reading this blog. I witnessed ol' girl's debacle of an attempt to service Kurt! Ha! Congrats on the nomination..keep sharing your music, thoughts, YOUR SELF! with the world and you will be repayed greatly. Sincerity shines! I'll be leaving STL to visit the UK sometime in the upcoming months and I hope to catch a show while there. I'll keep and eye out for tour dates and pray for safe travels for you all. God bless you!

  5. wow Anonymous, i really dropped the ball getting back to you. i hope you were at the cleveland show the other day.

  6. Yes I was at the Cleveland Show. Second row from the front. Great show. I love your music. I just got hip to it a couple of months ago. First song I heard was Past Paradise on Itunes. ( I love it!!!)I purchased the cd Left from Itunes and I listen to it all the time. Michael Baisden gives you a lot of props on our local radio station. Your blog is cool too. Much success to you

  7. thanks for the updates u a messs, lol, curt gon gitcah take care of urself too peace

  8. I really want to read the lyrics to head to toe. where are they?