Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jena 6

So I am sitting in Atlanta airport getting ready to catch my connecting flight to Louisiana. Not to my surprise, there is very little coverage about the rally tomorrow, as well as the tragedy that is happening to these 6 young men in Jena. Imagine having a fight while in high school and being convicted of attempted murder as an adult. But guess what is all over the news. That’s right, OJ Simpson. They love to talk about some OJ, so lets talk about him. First of all he’s an idiot, but that’s another story.
Over 13 years ago some would say OJ got away with murder. I personally believe we allowed the important message to be overshadowed by the race issue. I hate that any person of any color would be murdered. That in itself is very sad, but my personal opinion on whether OJ did it or not doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. What the Simpson trial exposed was how many people of color (all colors) are in jail for things they did not do. It is pretty safe to say that if the cops didn’t mess with the evidence, OJ would’ve probably gone to jail. But his all-star lineup of lawyers were able to pick these crooked cops apart. Think about how many people couldn’t afford the proper defense to expose the truth. Look how many verdicts have been overturned by DNA evidence, after people have spent half their lives in jail for a crime they didn’t commit. And you want to cry FOUL on OJ? Yeah no one should get away with murder, but no one should go to jail for something they didn’t do. If you want to solve a murder, drain the rivers and lakes throughout America and count how many lynched African Americans rest at the bottom. Lets solve those crimes. And while you’re at it take a look at Jena, Louisiana where 6 African American KIDS are facing adult charges of attempted murder. White kids performed the same act and they got probation. There is a big gap between probation and attempted murder. But if you ask the prosecutor in Jena, there’s a big gap between white and black. Say a prayer everybody. Say a pray for Michael Baisden, Al Sharpton, and the other leaders who are stepping up to the plate to lead the masses against this. And remember, you maybe comfortable and at peace where you are, but other parts of the world, even in America are still the closest thing to Hell on earth.


  1. Great post Eric. My prayers are with everyone in Jena, LA. I'll be wearing my black tomorrow in DC. Happy Early B-day. Wish I could get to NYC for the big bash, but a sista gotta work and take care of things. Peace, Ananda

    PS: I just discovered this blog. I will check in more regularly.
    For balance, breathe in and out and know that you are on your divine path. Just the fact that you write about it and are aware that you need it will help set the course for your life as it unfolds with marriage, family, and abundant opportunities to share your gifts. We are all blessed by your gifts. You in Good Hands ... Spirit.Rock it...

  2. Exactly ERRO and people have the audacity to believe that racism is subtle now days...preferential treatment, double societal standards, and punishment time frames are not so understated!!

  3. Amen got my black on im there in spirit thanks eric for being a blessing to us all and thanks to ervyone who came out to support

    we shall overcome!!!!

    peace b

  4. The media covers bullsh*t like this OJ Simpson story to take the focus off of the real problems of the world. It's sad.

  5. If you want to solve a murder, drain the rivers and lakes throughout America and count how many lynched African Americans rest at the bottom. Lets solve those crimes.

    that quote sums it up right there E. hurts my heart to know we haven't progressed as much as some would like to believe. hate for ones color truly exists and if it isn't publicized people will never know what's going on in this world, prime example Jena 6......and also how no one is even talking about Katrina victims still affected, but yet we can always talk about the tsunami.....thanks for this blog E...even more thanks again for doing the Katrina exhibit true leadership in all that you do, spiritually, mentally and musically

  6. Dear Brother Eric,
    I am 66 years old. I am proud to hear a young brother like you speaking up for truth and justice. Let the criminal justice slove the millions of "cold cases"
    of Black murders that were never even investigated, not even recorded, or called suicides. There should never be peace in this United States until there is Justice for descendents of Africans living in the United States. We, Africans living in the United States, should not pay taxes, serve in the military,or be obligated pay any fees to local, state, or the federal government
    until we have the rigths and privileges of citizens. Long live the fire for freedom and Justice in the African heart and spirit. As long as African people live, Justice and Freedom will survive.

    Love and Honor
    African People,

  7. I agree. So much injustice...So little concern.



  8. Hello Eric! “To whom much is given, much is required”. Your words re: the Jena 6 case spoke truth; hopefully more of our ‘people of influence’ will take heed. This is 2007 and too many of our folks think music sales and video hype equal immunity. Continue pressing on and raising expectations.
    I'm from Jersey, but I'm located here in the UK for work. In my effort to find ‘comforts of home’ and places to visit, you can’t imagine my delight to see your show listed at the Jazz CafĂ©. I've attended many of your shows, but I can’t wait to be in the house again enjoying the Erro vibe!
    Continued blessings and safe travels to the UK.
    p.s. If you haven’t already booked your flight, if possible, try to fly Virgin Atlantic business class. Yes, I know you’re an independent artist, but if you can at least treat Shawn 1 way for her birthday, it’s a great experience she won’t forget. ;)

  9. It was good meeting you and your boy in Jena *I am the Virgo B-day girl* LOL! I've been a fan forever so it's nice to see that the personality behind the artist is as genuine as the music!

    ...Although looks like we might have to head back to Jena soon...cause they obviously thought we were playing!!!

    Keep rocking Bro!!! I am extremely proud to be a fan...

  10. Hey Erro,

    Thanks for putting your thoughts on paper (the web). Good post.


    p.s. even if i didn't know who you were, i'd visit your blog frequently. i love your p-o-views. keep writing Eric.