Monday, September 10, 2007


That I will be missing most of the football season due to touring. I’ve had some busy years, but this year by far has been the busiest. With a European tour, and a Japan tour in October, I am already suffering from withdraw. See watching football has always been my escape. I work hard for 6 six days and shut it all down from the first game on Sunday to the last game on Monday. Some how I forgot that when putting together the touring schedule for the rest of the year.
It’s always tough balancing your personal life, and music. One of my favorite artist, Tom Waits once said his family and his music were two dogs that didn’t like each other, and he has to walk them both everyday. That maybe a bit extreme, but I can relate to it. It’s amazing how many “once in a lifetime” show offers I receive on my family’s birthdays. Or how I’m out of the country on Mother’s or Father’s Day. I wonder how I will balance it once I have kids. It’s something that I honestly worry about. See I can’t get in the habit of turning down gigs. It’s my livelihood. So turning down a reasonable show is like you deciding not to go to work. You can do it, but eventually those bills will start to stack up. Not to mention I have a company to run and bankroll.
So I’m gonna be on the road during my nephew, Jaden’s birthday. But I will spoil him rotten when I get home. I’ll also be on the road during Shawn’s birthday, but I am wisely bringing her along. *wink* Take notes fellas, and you won’t sleep on the couch so much. Anyway I digress.
What I am really trying to say is I am constantly searching for that balance. There is a balance, even though the same thing that pulls you away from them, provides for them. There has to be one. I look up to my artistic heroes such as Quincy Jones, Gordan Parks, Ray Charles, and so many other, who accomplished so much thru art. But I would never want their personal lives. That’s where I strive to be different. God willing, I will be.


  1. yeah eric, I pray for your contineud health strenght and peace and its nice that you have supportive folks thats a hecka of a schdudeule so take care im praying for yah

    Well anyway back to the blog working with kids first hand i see the effects that a lack of involvement in a childs life can have, and a lack of affection and attention and if you have a child with special needs; they really need that attention and involvement although i am positive that you wouldnt problem doing that. I think the fact that you seek God asd ur ultimate provision for wisdom and direction is a deciding factor, amd listen to him, even when it makes no logical sense to your own understanding. "his ways are not our ways or reasoning"

    As an adult, a wife or a mother a husband, brother, sister, older newphew who has a mom and dad, brothers and loving grandparents: one may can understand the realtionship of provider and how while one may desire to have clones to be at one place at a time u cant; but kinda are what we call "egocentric" at a certain age range they feel they are the center of the universe, and therfore should be the focal point of attention, especially from 0-5, before school age and because they are that way they also blame them selves for the problems of the family or if they dont seem to get the attention they need or demand and family problems tend to manifest in childrens behaviors also.

    kids need consitency and stability, and an absent parent presents neither, but you can have both parents in a household evryday with their children and still have inconsistency. Thank god for extended family,teachers and a caring community.

    give it to God he is the ultimate provider, and you are blessed to decide to take SHawn with u and she have the job situation to do such, thats really important.

    well i'm rambling I'm sure when u become a father the lord will continue to direct your path/

    thank God for internet, video, streaming live and the ability for conducive travel with children,etc... etc... sometimes technology really keeps folk in touch,

    my firend teaches english to 4-5 diffent locations,cities, and countries i think, answer questions on the spot and everything, etc.. through technolgoy

    wow its def somthing that different in the times of ray charles and quincy jones.

    well have fun and may gods belssings and will continouslt be in your life


    congrats on your success

  2. on doing some kind of collabo with the NFL... Heineken has Red Star Soul, maybe the NFL would be interested in something like that. Then you could schedule your shows aound the NFL schedule and arrange to sing the national anthem at all your favorite games. ;o)

  3. I guess it's all in what one can take or not.

    The sacrafices you make today will lead to an easier tomorrow...

  4. i too will keep u & your private life in my prayers. i agree - most of the Black entertainers had/have terrible private's a tough act. maybe u'll set THAT precedent (or rather carry-on the rare tradition of RubyDee & Ossie Davis)

  5. It is hard my Fiance is a musician (drummer)and my sister and I are Indie's as well, but you are a genuine spirit , who loves your craft and people in general and that came through when we got a chance to meet you personally in San Jose, CA and speak with you…I applaud you and your parents…to the man who asked one of life's and this world's most profound questions “what’s the matter with Jesus?” keep making life felt music - Natashia

  6. dang dude, sorry ya gonna miss the games, guess that means i don't need to pick up free tix (wait nevermind, may give them to Pops for ya)

    but you are to be commended for what you do day after day dude, keep on the path you are going. With God on your side all you dare to dream and desire will come forth true....remember words have power


  7. Yeah man, I pray your clarity stays clear throughout your career. You're my new indie soul superhero...represent, man.