Sunday, September 16, 2007


I woke up this morning with words in my head. I recited them over and over till I was able to type the lines into my phone on the way to the airport. They went like this:

“People say my nephew looks like a mini me
Which made me think maybe there’s many me’s
So I took that as a sign
That I should stay on my grind
Cause this is all one big line
And I may not be far behind
The Jay-Z’s, the Cosby’s, the Jordan’s, the Smith’s
Just to focus on my gifts
And always try to uplift
And any mic I get
Make sure I always rip
And rock it till the coroner pulls it from my grip
And even then a song will be written on my hand
Make them say damn he died with a plan”

Okay so it’s not finished. Just a thought to add to the million thoughts I had before. Hopefully I will use it for something. So onto life… Over the last week I found myself having several conversations with band and staff members. I tried my best to listen, as well as give constructive criticism where needed. What I got from it all was the importance of “tone”. It really means a lot. From the tone you take with someone, to the tone you set. I was proud of my band on this trip. We were definitely tested in Orlando. We ran face to face with some egos that usually the band and I can’t ignore, but for the most part we focused on our goals and had a good time. So to reward them, we went jet sking the next morning. We had a blast. I was really trying to break the thing in half. After that the guys flew home. It was Shawn’s birthday so she and I stayed another day to celebrate, and enjoy some quality time.


  1. Hey there -- I just discovered you via your latest cd and I'm LOVIN' IT!! Love the blog also!

  2. Sounds like you learned yourself a very valuable lesson, if you already didn't know it before. Sometimes the energy it takes to get into someone else's face is just too much. It's all about peace.

    Oh and nice flow Erro.

  3. Yup, I've learned that lesson about tone in some hard ways - it's always a good one to know, especially when folks' egos start clashing.

  4. these "lyrics" are HOT! keep doin' your thang! I saw u perform here in NYC & enjoyed it. Yea, my mama taught me the importance of tone = not what u say, but how u say it. Best to ya!

  5. Most people don't think of the long term effect of their words or tone, just the immediate insult or anger they are trying to relay at that moment..but true maturity is identifying what you are responding to: the facts of a situation or the emotion of a situation? One can respond to, valididate, and research facts, but negative (sometimes positive as well)emotion is temporal, not face value, and impossible to rationalize or intellectualize... Glad you guys didn't try to -Natashia

  6. Okay Eric I really love your music and I like the fact that this blog actually is written in your voice, at least I hope that it is :)
    I saw you perform a while ago in Atlanta @ Sugarhill and I was wondering since your a "taken" man :(, what was the name of the keyboard player that played with you on the stage?

  7. yeah erro mayne i am still going thru at this job and with folks who for whatevea reason like to try and cause me misery i dunnno why, it challanges my confidence thank god my sup said they have no \power over me. I pray ur contd strength glad you have fun and pray for mine

    and yeah nice pics :) yo i need to work out

    cont on your path, i be forgettin my log in info so its me


  8. ^^^^ ha @ the above comment.. regarding the tone you take w/ ppl, thats real speak, thats makes a world of difference & distinguishes the difference of talking with/ to someone v/s talking "@" them.. the the ish i constantly found myself telling my older sister...bless up Eric. cant wait to cath ya concert & happy (early) b day to ya while im @ it!!!