Monday, June 8, 2009


Hey this is just a written update to let everyone know how excited i am about my upcoming album. I will try to post as much as i can, but this is crunch time and i am making some serious decisions over the next couple of weeks. Please keep me and my company in your prayers. I have tons of footage i will showing shortly but i have final cut express and the new imove software and dont know how to work neither. But i'm learning it, and in a minute i plan to be getting my spike lee on again. keep checking in. at somepoint im gonna start leaking songs, and other stuff. you can also follow me on twitter now under the name MusicFanFirst.

Thats again for everyone who sent their pics in. We may have to have a 100 page booklet but im gonna keep my word and will use all the pics sent before the deadline.
Oh also working on some amazing duet opportunities for the album. Will keep you posted on that..
Cali we back there this week. Other shows posting soon. Ok time to go back to work...


  1. Cali this week? What venue? The one in the bay? No LA shows coming up?

  2. Thanks for touching down with us!! I'm definitely awaiting the album...ready to purchase several copies!! Go ahead and get in the lab, finish it out, and give us the GIFT we been so anxious to receive! ;-) Oh and you and your team are always in my will all come together as God him. ~Cam

  3. Doing the happy dance in anticipation. All the best, E!