Thursday, June 25, 2009


i dont even know where and how to begin this.... By now I'm sure everyone reading this has already heard about Michael Jackson's passing. I feel like i grew up with MJ. He has been a huge star ever since he was a child. Has revolutionized dance, music videos and how to make a hit record. I dont know if i can name another artist who could sing an uptempo better than MJ. if you disagree just listen to P.Y.T. and then let me know. Missed isnt a suitable word. A black hole has been ripped through the entertainment world. I thank MJ for all he's taught me, and for adding so much to the soundtrack of my life.


  1. OMG!! I remember that interview. My entire house was quiet everytime he was on TV, but particularly that interview. I'm so sick about this, I love Mike. A true icon who left an amazing mark on the world.

  2. He spent about 44 years of his 50 years on this planet, making music for the world. Most of us can remember chapters in our lives with his albums as the bookends. He was global before it was cool, he was peaceful before there was confrontation, and he was inspired when everyone else was confused. Say what you want about the man and his issues, but there will never be anyone that can duplicate the impact he had on the world. He touched generations. You can go to a middle school now, and talk about MJ, and go to a retirement home and have the same conversations.

    Thriller is the top selling album of all time with 100-109 million albums sold. 7 of the 9 songs were released as singles and ALL of them made Billboard top 10.

    Scream STILL has the highest budget of any video ever at 7million dollars.

    He sold out 50 concerts (1,150,000 tickets) in about 2 days.

    …I’m gonna miss you MJ. R.I.P.

  3. But his beats live on! RIP MJ, the sweetest sleep.

  4. I'm still in a state of shock. Even shed a few tears while going through my MJ collection last night. Such a legacy. It feels as if our big brother has passed on, he was so connected to everyone musically. I will do my best to continue sharing his contributions with future generations.
    RIP MJ.....

  5. Yes...I must say I feel an "emptiness" if I've lost my big brother...that's how I looked at Michael Jackson...he is my brother in spirit. The tears still come on and off...I was praying that this was just a nightmare, or a bad rumor. It's still hard listening to his voice, seeing his previous MIND-BLOWING performances....performances that got everyone's attention and touched everyone in the most dynamic way. When I think of him, I think of the best example of sincerity, love, compassion, and strength. He loved matter all the pressures, stresses, and challenges he faced that NONE OF US could even come close to imagining, he continued to to press on. I find comfort in knowing he's not suffering anymore, no more anquish, no more dealing with people judging him, all the pains of the world. Rest in Peace MJJ!!! You will be missed, and I will keep your legacy alive. Life is a GIFT everyone...Thank you God for blessing us with the gift of the wonderful spirit and talent of Michael Joseph Jackson....there will never be another like him...EVER...

  6. All I can say is that I still feel like a whole part of my childhood is gone with MJ! I am still in shock! Not only was he the greatest entertainer ever, he cared about SOOO many people! MJJ, you are sorely missed!!! RIP, Michael Joseph Jackson...