Wednesday, July 1, 2009

PJ Morton Writes A Book, "WHY CAN'T I SING ABOUT LOVE"

This is a must read by a good friend of mine. PJ Morton has released several albums, as well as written and produced for several major acts. Being the son of Bishop Paul Morton, he has successfully built a great musical career in both gospel and secular fields. So who better to write a book on this much talked about subject.

Why Can’t I Sing About Love deals with the age-old argument of sacred vs. non-sacred music. Many of the doctrines we as Christians are taught have been man-made and not Biblically based. A number of writers, producers, artists, and musicians have been shunned from the church for doing music outside of gospel. This book will show that love songs are not only inspired by God, but are in fact Biblical!


  1. AMEN! I'm so glad PJ wrote it. I've always felt like that. Me and you had a conversation about it when you were in STL. Will have to find that book...

  2. mmmm! Interesting...might need to pick this up!

  3. Hey, I know this is nothing to do with the book although i will check it out. I have just brought tickets for your london gig and cant wait.

    I just wanted to take this opportunity thank you for your music, I was introduced to your music when I was going through the most difficult time in my life and together we sang me back to reality with more purpose and joy. One track in particular stood out and really struck a cord.

    "The pen Just cry's away" sang my pain but soothed me at the same time, it felt that u dug deep when u wrote that song. It reminded me no matter how much pain u were in, you were still able to write, sing do the thing you love, if u could so could I and this meant life was liveable; if I just focused on my own passions and added to that a purpose.

    Although I didn't lose a romantic partner your description of lose trancended that and you'll never appericate how therapeutic still is to croak along to those words - Thank you!!!

    Can u do me one last favor, can you please please please sing 'The Pen just cry's away' on your london gig, I'll be there on the Friday.

    Please sing it, no dedications, no mentions, no big ups, please just sing this song from your heart so I can close my eyes and listen and I promise I wont croak to loud.

    Once agan Thank You!!!

    Stay blessed
    With Nuff Love and respect. Look forward to seeing you in London.

  4. I try not to be hard on the church, but man all the shunning they do at times should seem wrong to those within the walls of that church... if I come as I am I come as all I am... good, bad, suit, jeans... gospel mush, music about loving a woman... i'm all the things...

    I'm a fan of PJ's and will be buying the book.