Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Such A Classy Well Ran Event

i really dont know what my favorite part of Michael's Memorial Service was, but this is definitely up there. There's so much i've said and can say about Michael Jackson. In my opinion he's the best uptempo singer that's ever lived. then there's the obvious. but one thing about mike that is rarely ever mentioned. he has been part of some of the tightest stage production ever seen. so im not surprised that his memorial service was well ran, full of emotion, inspiration, faith, sadness, celebration, and all that you've loved about him all rolled up in a couple of hours.


  1. yesss. one of my fave moments. I love me some John Mayer, another great songwriter amongst some guy named Eric Roberson ;) lol. and others. I wish the guitar was a lil higher but yes, he killed it.

  2. yes,yes I love me some john mayer, right he killed it. what song will ERIC do if ask for MJ.