Thursday, December 10, 2009


Remix Grammy-Nominated Song "A Tale Of Two" and win an exclusive prize from Eric Roberson. Details inside video!!

In celebration of the nomination for "A Tale of Two" I am having a Remix Competition of the song.

First you must download the
acapella version of the song below. The tempo is 86.
Next you will create your own remix for "A Tale of Two"
Lastly once you're complete with the remix email it to

Download the acapella version here

Send submissions to



  1. So Erro, at what point does an Indie artist, hypothetically speaking, now in the big leagues and competing for Grammys with mainstream cats, at what point do you then consider yourself "mainstream"? It's like, yes, we've flown all over the country to see you and its kinda bitter sweet to know that this gem that we've all rooted for is an inch away from being revealed to the world in a big big way. Yes we want great things for you but in a sad way you've been ours and yet we have to now share you boo hoo:(

  2. feeling exactly Michelle. I kinda feel like my sweet secluded vacation spot has been discovered by the masses. It's still just as beautiful, just not "all mine". E.R. you know I wish you nothing but all the success your heart can handle!!!!!

  3. can't download the acapella anymore. can you repost?

  4. Hey everyone the link has been updated with a new one. Apologies on that.

    BES Staff

  5. Ok lemme give this thing a try...

  6. how many mixes can one person submit?

  7. Man bruh, u a cool cat!

  8. I jus finished my remix for this joint...I hope you like it Eric...been a fan of your music since the first joint I heard from you on the Jazzy Jeff The Magnificent album...Keep on blessing the world with your vocals and talent

    peace & blessings!

  9. Ah, I just found out about this! Maybe I'll try out the next one!

  10. Listen to my remix of Eric Roberson - A Tale Of Two (Hexsagon Remix)

    Thnx for the opportunity Eric, much appreciated!

  11. when do the results come out? .. and do we get an email notification if you've recieved our remix?