Thursday, December 10, 2009


This year i had the opportunity to meet Full Crate and Mar, a producer and a songwriter from Amsterdam. First online when their video was tweeted to me. I enjoyed it so much that i ended up writing and singing to their track. During my overseas tour we were able to meet face to face and hang out. Good guys and longtime friends, Full Crate and Mar have been creating music together for quite some time. Well they are releasing some of those creations with an EP entitled, "Conversations With Her." It comes out Jan 8th digitally and Jan 15th by way of vinyl. The song we did will be on this record as well. So when and if you get a chance check them out.

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  1. Eric, Im super Proud to see you giving love to Crate and Mar....

    I tell you what duke, The Newness is my theme song right now!!!!! - It's funny how you say you were tweeted their track and ended up reworking it!!! I love how technology brings dope music together!!!!

    Here is A Link to my track from the Tribe Called Quest Tribute Album...

    The Track I ended up Re-working is "The Love"

    So without Further Uh-do hahaha here ya go Eric - My ATCQ Tribute Dutchmassive "TheLove2010" produced by Remot

    and when you have a second, shoot over to

    I see wes felton is on your project, so i know we willvibe together lovely.....hit me up eric

    lets get this classic going!