Tuesday, May 5, 2009


As I sat in the balcony of Pilgrim Church in Brooklyn witnessing an amazing
ceremony for Rev Timothy Wright, my thoughts kept going to his sons and family.
I know they are hurting more than words can describe, but it must feel good to
know how loved their father was and is.
I discovered his music when I was an early teen. Like a lot of music, my dad
had a cassette tape of Rev. Wright and his choir. There was a song entitled,
"Jesus Will" that I would play over and over and over.
Many prominent people got up and spoke beautifully. Some have been friends with
Rev. Wright before he could play. Not only is that a testament to friendship,
but also to Rev. Wright's work ethic, because he grew to be a musical giant in
the gospel world.
One of the speakers was Rev. Al Sharpton. While reflecting on a conversation he had the day before with Aretha
Franklin about the tragic car accident, Rev. Sharpton said "the good thing is Rev Wright's
life ended the way he lived it.... On the right side of the road."
Hands clapped, tears fell and voices celebrated.
The sons gave their remarks last and spoke with a strength connected to God.
Then Rev. Marvin Winans, one of the greatest voices ever created sang a healing
rendition of "Well Done" and a bit of "Last Mile Of The Way."
The Eulogy was delivered by Pastor James Campbell. Now let me say this, I never
heard of this man before, but my God could he preach. The walls were about to
come down it was so electric in that church. Being in the back of that church balcony
was a blessing because I was able to witness the explosive reaction that ripped
thru everyone in the church.
This ceremony was very filling. It was a celebration of a great man, but I also
realized it's an example of a person who found his purpose. We all should
find out what ours is. Some are more obvious than others, but we all should
invest some time in finding what it is.

For more info on the funeral, CLICK HERE


  1. God bless, and thank you for posting this. I felt I was there myself...I know it was so wonderful to see how the spirit filled that church. It's interesting how you stated we need to take time to find out what our purpose is. I say that because I've been reflecting on that myself individually, and just sharing my heart about that with a friend of mines by email that lives in Cali. It's just a reminder that life is so short...and we need to seek God's face and place Him as the head of our lives.

  2. Thanks for posting Eric. I was supposed to be apart of the 1000 voice choir that sung as well. I grew up around the Wright boys and they definitely hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and condolences. I hold a special place in my heart for them as well. Will be continuing to pray for them throughout this time.