Wednesday, May 27, 2009


If you morphed these two together...

You’d get:

Mike’s athleticism, ball handling, creativity, and fade away

Reggie’s 3-point shot, tendency to SOMETIMES disappear in the 4th quarter, whining, and overall unlikability...

OKAY, so i invite all Laker fans to chime in.  

Shout out to my homie Tim who thought of this brilliant equation.  

GO KNICKS IN 2017!!!!!


  1. I must respectfully disagree, because if Kobe (or anyone else for that matter) had any MJ in him, the need for Reggie, or any other playe, would simply not be necessary. But that's my Kobe hate shining thru, this is actually a good comparison..

  2. HAHAHA... if you really think about it, its not saying that the combination made a better MJ, it actually made a lesser MJ. Its more a knock to Reggie Miller. (Hey I'm a Knick's fan so of course any chance to knock him I'm down.)

  3. the only reason that Reggie disappeared (and that Kobe disappears) sometimes is because it was hard to see him behind the two or three defenders the opposing coach decided to put on him. as a Knicks fan, you should be very familiar with this defensive strategy.

    by the way, should the so-called Knicks even be called the Knicks anymore? they look nothing like the team i grew up loving to hate. maybe we should start calling 'em the Knickerbockers again. maybe team management should make the players wear throwback uniforms (jerseys AND shorts) as a motivational tool. i don't might help.

    (Hey I'm a Pacers fan so of course any chance to knock them I'm down.)

  4. Both of them absolutely killed the Knicks....Disappear? How many points did Reggie Miller score in 9 seconds against the Knicks? Jordan's second home was MSG. I'd agree but for different reasons! They all did some very bad things to the Knickerbockers!