Friday, May 29, 2009

What Do Ya Think?

I'd rock them, but I think they're walking a fine line.

Now it's your turn:
...Party People, what do ya think? Leave a comment with your opinion...


  1. For some reason...these make me think of popcorn and Cheetos....LOL!

  2. I think they are hot. maybe a winter shoe because of the faux fur at the top, but the abstract portions of the shoe with the different colors make them very versatile in matching up different combos. they do require swag so they aren't for the weak minded

  3. If you decide to rock em', and someone calls you out because they look lke "cheetos and popcorn" (like someone said earlier), tell em a little neice or newphew customized em for you, they cant be mad at that. haha

  4. ha... i'll be lookin forward to the gig you show up to with those on. def gonna have to make those work for you mah man. did you ever catch the gems on my page?!