Tuesday, May 5, 2009


     Raheem DeVaughn has always been an independent artist trapped in a major artist body.  He seems to be quite frustrated with Jive not scheduling his new album.  Excuse the cursing.  He doesn't curse too much, but there is some in this blog.
     Definitely comment and let me know your thoughts on this.  And yeah i can relate on the engineers.  I've burned a few to the ground in my day.  Hahahahaha...


  1. I always scratch my head when I see an artist who has a sizable following as an independent sign onto a major label. What's the label gonna do that you can't do for yourself at that point? Yeah, you get more exposure, but you gotta play by their rules. Their rules often shelve great artists for the immediate sure-fire sales of garbage.

  2. Yea...this is Cam. I am a big fan Raheem's craft, but I always felt he wasn't "marketed" as he should be. He has a wonderful and unique sound; I never understood why he signed with Jive. Just like c.jay conrod said above, he has such a HUGE fan base, he don't need Jive; however I do understand his frustration. ER you're a perfect example of how being "independent" pays off. Yes it's hard work, but I bet it's more rewarding doing it all YOUR WAY and you can rest better at night. ;-) I will definitely support Raheem, and pray all works out for him. Peace & Love..

  3. Sometimes it takes situations like this for us to move onto better, mutually beneficial situations. As long as you work for someone else you're never adequately compensated anyway. We need more indies in to revive the industry.