Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another Giant Lost, R.I.P. BAATIN (of slum Village)

I am completely shocked and saddened by the news of Baatin's death. I do not know the details but I've honestly never seen this many artist pass in such a short time. Baatin was a member of Slum Village, one of my favorite rap groups.

Their albums Fantastic Voyages vol I and II inspired a lot of my music. Clearly from a musical standpoint J Dilla (the first fallen soldier from the group) taught me a great deal about production, but T3 and Baatin's participation can not be overlooked.

If you listen to my song "right or wrong" which is my favorite song off of Left, you can hear not only production influences but the call and response styles they showed on songs like 2U4U. Check out Slum Villages music and let's continue to celebrate life people.

PS: For more information on how to support Baatin's family and his children in light of his untimely death, CLICK HERE

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  1. He will be missed, the bad thing about it Sv were going to come back.