Thursday, August 27, 2009


And special thanks to DOME RECORDS for a great album release once again and to everyone who came out. I was surprised when they brought out this cake with MUSIC FAN FIRST cover on it. It was delicious!!!


The New Album, MUSIC FAN FIRST, is now available for digital download on ITUNES for $9.99 for all 18 songs! For a LIMITED time get a BONUS TRACK through Itunes ONLY -CAN'T GET ENOUGH


  1. Was a great party! I wrote about it here...



  2. I'm happy too! This album is what I really needed right now and I'm appreciative of the artistry exhibited in each and every song.

  3. Wish I could have been there ER....but all your fans are CELEBRATING MusicFanFirst's release DAILY all over the world....I had my OWN party when I got my pre-ordered copy!! (surely did!) So I thank you ER for you humility, annointing, and for embracing your God given gifts/talents, and BLESSING the world with it through your music. You just don't know how much your music means to me, and how it HELPS me in my daily life...keep putting God first ER, this is only the beginning of a beautiful journey....stay humble along the way. ;-) LOVE YOU! ****listening to "Dealing"...OMG, THIS TRACK IS SO HOT**** ~Cam

  4. Eric, congrats a wonderful album and album release. Your fans support you to the fullest and look forward to more music coming from you soon.

  5. Streetwise Radio @ Has been playing
    Eric Roberson - Still - Music Fan First.
    Your song is climbing up our charts. "Fantastic Sound"!!Please contact us for a future phone inter view.

    Michael K. Ealey
    CEO. Streetwise Radio