Friday, August 28, 2009

Music Fan First Album Artwork - THE LOST PAGE

music fan first page

First, thank you to all the fans who submitted pictures for the album MUSIC FAN FIRST. In the midst of assembling the 28 page album booklet, 1 page was accidentally omitted from the final version. In addition to all my party people that were excluded, several members of my staff & my vocal coach were on this page.


So now we're going to CELEBRATE all those left out by showcasing them here on the blog and distributing this image all over the web.

Try to find yourself and all the party people on this "LOST PAGE" will now get their time to shine as MUSIC FANS FIRST!!!

iF YOU DON'T HAVE The New Album, MUSIC FAN FIRST, its now available for digital download on ITUNES for $9.99 for all 18 songs! For a LIMITED time get a BONUS TRACK through Itunes ONLY -CAN'T GET ENOUGH

...Or you can always do it the classic music fan first way, and buy the CD and enjoy the 28 page album artwork.


  1. I dont know if you will actually read this, but just a quick question..... I have been a fan for the last couple years. A blogger named Butta used to brag about how good your music was and how she couldnt get enough of it. I checked it out for myself and from that moment on, I have been a fiend. Im in Cali and everytime you come here, I always seem to miss the show (which totally sucks ass)! So for me to be prepared, can I perhaps get a heads up as to when your next arrival in the Sunshiine State will be? Im ready for a good concert!

  2. OMG! Worth the wait, Erro. When I popped the CD in and The Newness started bumpin' I was hooked, perfect song to start with. All the best!

  3. ERRO!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!! It was a BEAUTIFUL DAY the moment I looked in my mailbox, and saw my pre-ordered copies with your autograph! You're so honest...I looked at your autograph on my "Left" cd that you signed when I talked to you and met you here at the Dallas show at the Bishop Arts Theater...11pm show...and to see you autographed the new one put the "cherry" on top.....I want to tell you something...I SO THANK YOU for include your fans pics in the booklet (my pic is included!! YES!!!); that means SO MUCH to us that really admire you, and treasure your music/talent/craft!! This cd is FIRE!! I mean EVERY TRACK is a gift and unique...I played it in my car, turned up the volume, heard "The Newness" and lost my mind! Hats off to you...come back to Dallas!! LOVE YOU ERRO!! ~Cam

  4. kaligyrl99 he has a mailing list... swing through his ERF Forum
    i'm sure someone there can put you on to it...

  5. Thank you 4Double! I will definately do that. : )

  6. Wuddup doe, Mr. Roberson! I've been a fan since "Rock Wit You" (my homeboy DJ Don Q used to play it on the air all the time). You got a crazy pen, man! I had the first five albums (gotta get 4 of'em again), and I MUST get "MFF" ASAP!!! Thanks for the great music.

    -DJ DDT