Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 16 of 17 Days to MFF - Pave A New Road

Apologies to everyone, it was uploaded yesterday on Youtube, but didn't get time to post here. Stay tuned for Day 17 later this afternoon.


  1. Your family seems like a lot of fun and very supportive. It's funny...your dad called me at 7:47 AM last Saturday because (like a dunce) I forgot to indicate the size of the T-shirts I ordered along with my AUTOGRAPHED copy of the new disc (LOL). He's a cool fella....I wish you the best Eric.

  2. Im sooo exicted for your album....yey!!! Its gonna be in my cd player for a long long time...i cant get enough of your music..i tell all my friends about your music..and I already know that im going to blog about the album as soon as it comes to my door.

  3. Adorable family! And those frames are fly!