Friday, March 27, 2009


Hey party people in Chi-town,

Look forward to seeing all of you tonight!




  1. The Chicago Show was AWESOME!!!! I truly Enjoyed myself!!! Your Talent and stage presene is unbelievable!!!

    The Band and Background vocals were amazing as well.. Thanks So Muh for an outstanding show :-)

    Jenna Marie Christian

  2. The Fabulous Ms. LawnMarch 30, 2009 at 10:46 AM

    Erro ripped it up on the Chi ya'll can't wait for his return in May! I will be in the front row yet AGAIN!

  3. Eric-
    I was a fan of yours until you made a very inappropriate comment Friday, March 27th at the Double Door in Chicago. At the beginning of your show, you said "Give it up for the band that just played". Then you continued, "That band was supposed to play for me but I wasn't comfortable and you all expect more". The band was BSTC. I was appalled that you made that comment in front of the audience. I especially take great offense to this because my husband was one of the musicians in the band that performed before you. He is very well respected for his musicianship, not only among independent artist, but major artist as well. If I were to post his name on here, I’m sure your fans would say, “Oh I know ______, yeah he’s hot!” Although he is not a member of BSTC, he was called at the last minute to do the show and without hesitation he agreed. My husband attended the scheduled rehearsal the night prior to the show and even pulled double duty playing two instruments to compensate for a missing musician. On Friday morning, he received a call saying you were flying your band in and he didn’t need to play for your show. You are more than entitled to have your feelings Eric; however, to discredit fellow musicians and artist in front of your audience is extremely disrespectful. Especially when you weren’t aware of the time that certain people put in and their willingness to assist you in having a hot show. The music scene in Chicago is already infected with backstabbing and negativity without having a respectable artist such as you aid in the deterioration of “real musicians”. I take nothing away from you or the musicians and singers you had on stage. All of you were great. However, please realize your words, which I hope were unintentional, caused hurt and anger to the musicians who your comment was about, as well as the fans of those musicians. If nothing else, I hope in good faith you will apologize to BSTC and in the future be more respectful and responsible in your comments.

    Continued Success,
    S. Brown

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  5. Mrs. S. Brown, first thank you for writing this. Hopefully if you read this, we can at least come to some understanding. i use local bands all the time and pretty much built my career using local talent. In no way shape, form, or fashion did i intend to disrespect BSTC. If it came off that way i do apologize and please let them (especially your husband) know that. I do remember before i said what offended you, i told the crowd to give it up for the previous band, and said something to the regard that they were rocking or killing it.
    But what i said i felt. The Chicago fans deserved a better show than what we would have been able to pull off with BSTC. Please understand i wanted to play with them, but the night before only 3 of the 6 band members showed up for rehearsal. Im sure one of them was your husband. the 3 there weren't very familiar with the music and said they just got it. whether that was the music director, or the promoter's error, the music was sent to the band way in advance. i did research on the band and everyone said they were really good. which they were. but they were not prepared to play for me. for whatever reason they weren't. and when the other 3 members showed up hours later (around 1am or so) they didn't really know the music either.
    The fact that your husband was called at the last second should show that something was going on. Your husband was the guitar player correct? I was told that he was really trying to help out to right the situation in rehearsal, so on a side note please let him know i appreciate that. Most non band members would have left at that point.
    Now we could have rehearsed all day friday before the show to try and get them up to speed, but with guys not showing up and stuff, i truly didnt feel comfortable.
    So instead of getting up there and playing a bad set, which would have really upset the fans. I decided at 2am that morning to fly my entire band out there with my own money. I took a major financial hit that night, but i put all my disappointment and frustration behind me and focused on having a good time on stage. We even used BSTC's percussion player that night, and we had a lot of fun with him. I believe i spoke with BSTC members before and after the show, and at no point did anyone say "my bad for not knowing the material."
    Me being a person who is very open and honest with my fans especially while on stage, I merely said i was uncomfortable and felt the fans deserved more. Though the statement was true, it obviously was something you felt i should not have shared onstage. i apologize to you and your husband, especially because he was obviously one of the musicians who was putting forth the best effort on my behalf.

  6. I appreciate your comments back. Being a performer myself I understand the need to be comfortable with the band. I'm also grateful that you responded to me to show the independent music community that all artists aren't on an ego trip. I said my piece and it was only fair for you to say yours, and I respect you for that. The lesson to be learned is that while musicians and performers love what they do, this is a living and professionalism needs to be upheld. Creditability is established through performance, and when that is shot it’s difficult to recover. Since the people of Chicago love you, I know you will be back several times and I look forward to your return. Please go to your myspace page to see an important message from me.
    Much RESPECT,
    S. Brown

  7. I really enjoyed your show here in Chicago at the Double Door. You are truly talented and I love your music, I look forward to hearing your new CD. I wish you continued success.

    Kutina J.

  8. I would love to see you and Dwele do a show together here in Chicago also.

  9. Keep doing what you do Erro!Brush that "dirt" off your shoulders.Is your band is looking for a violin player? If not everyone save those sad songs for someone else! Some of these comments got me confused, thought this was a blog, not "as the unprepared band turns" :p

  10. I'm blessed to see all is well on the homefront with eric roberson and the band. Its nice to see that He had an oppurtunity to bless chicago again with a variety of artists. I'm glad everything is "gravy" with regards to musicians utilized and the home band coming through at the last minute. Unfortunately I've lost a lot of erro music recently, so I may have to catch the May 30th show to try and catch up. Pray everything goes well with the rest of the tour be blessed