Friday, March 20, 2009

on the road again...

Good Morning Everyone!

As I type this, I'm on my way to the airport to fly to Dallas for my show with Wayna tonight. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you all: one, because I always love coming to Texas and two, it is snowing up here! Can you believe it? Snowing on the first day of Spring! hahahaha I love New Jersey!

Okay, there are two important things to remember for today.

The first is tonight's show, of course. Come on out to have a great time with Wayna and me. For those of you who don't know Wayna's music yet, you definitely have to get there early so you can hear the beautiful voice from an equally beautiful woman. And, of course, you know your boy is going to bring it, like I always do! hahahaha

The second thing is to remember that today is the deadline to get your music fan photos in to us to be a part of my new album artwork. Yep, it's March 20th already; today is the day! We've gotten some great submissions, but if you haven't sent yours in yet, then we're incomplete!

Details for everything are below, so get those pics in and I hope to see you all tonight at the Bishop Arts Center.



  1. What a beautiful baby! Looking forward to the new CD Eric. I love your music.

  2. Just want to say THANKS soooooo much for making my Bday special. My friends and I had such a good time at S.O.B.'s. We'll be back...again, and again, and again.

  3. Eric, my man Kevin, who is from the Chi, flew down to be with me, and we both was in "heaven" at the 11pm show in Dallas (my home city). You made our weekend even more romantic and ELECTRIC! It's always been a wish of mines to meet just don't know how much I appreciate your craft, your sound, your heart & soul that "pops" in every lyric of every song of yours. We both enjoyed taking a pic with you, getting your autograph, and sharing "our story" with you on how we found out about your music, and how it's helped to keep the "spark" in our long distance relationship! You are amazing, God is definitely at work within you and in your life, and I can't WAIT for you to bless Dallas again! KEEP YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR!! ;-)