Monday, March 30, 2009

Double Trouble

Being a music fan first sometimes allows you to notice the small things on a record that others can’t. For all the DILLAheads, Slum Village fans, & Hip Hop Heads here’s a fun fact for you.

In the movie Wildstyle, which is a must in all music fans collections, there is a scene where “Double Trouble” is talking about an upcoming jam. (For those who don’t know, Double Trouble consisted of Lil` Rodney C! and KK Rockwell. They formed this group after having disputes with their label, Sugarhill. They were originally part of the group Funky Four Plus One, who you may know from their debut for Sugarhill in 1980 with "That's The Joint". The group also included one of the pioneers of female rappers, Sha Rock. Another interesting fact is that Rodney C! would marry Angela (Angie B) Brown of The Sequence fame aka (Grammy Nominated) Angie Stone)

They talk about how they’re “going to rock them, because we got the fresh stuff”. The rhyme they kick in the scene is about the breakup of the group.

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  1. Wow, this brings back memories. Me and my girls were serious hip hop heads before it really took off.