Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Your Camera Can Be Next

It really heats up at 6mins but I'm clowning thru the whole thing. This was at my last DC show. Oh did I tell you I will be there next week at The Scene


  1. You were cutting up! I wonder of the people your were trying to hook up in the front ever became more then friends????

  2. Nice segue into "Adore." Very nice.

  3. When are you coming to Los Angeles or San Diego? I would love to see you at the House of Blues or the Nokkia Theatre. Think about it!!

  4. You was straight ganking people for their purses, cameras...whatever you could get your hands on! LOL!

    You made my night with that when you confiscated my camera. Happened to be the night my Eagles were knocked out the NFCCG so I was feeling mighty low like Miss Sophia. Thanks Giants fan! Hehehe. I shall cherish that video forever.

    This whole Inauguration weekend show is on my You Tube channel folks cause we bootleg Erro everytime he comes to DC. Ha! Just click on the video to go straight to You Tube. Enjoy!